Sunday, November 22, 2009

A great weekend: WoW 5th Anniversary & Pilgrim's Bounty

Lots of exciting things in WoW today! If you log in you get an Onyxian Whelpling  for the 5th Anniversary! Very cute pet, she even takes a deep breath and blows a puff of smoke. One of the coolest pets in game yet! *Cheers* to WoW, may they have another five wonderful years!

Today also is the start of Pilgrim's Bounty! The pilgrim clothes are great, I'm still trying to work on the achievements, some of them are sort of tough like the Turkinator, which I think you need 40-50 kills in a row. I hope to have a Turkey this year as a new pet. It seems the Stormwind tables were not working, I hope those get that fixed. I've also heard that this is the perfect time to get cooking skilled up. Supposedly you can get cooking 1-300 in  lass than 30 min! MMO Champion has a Pilgrim's Bounty guide that is worth checking out.I worked up my cooking to 300+ on the Druid the day before, now I'm kicking myself because this is a really easy cheap way! However I have yet to do any of this with her so far, I've been working on the Hunter first.

For an early Birthday Present my husband transferred my Hunter to alliance for me so I'm very happy about that! I also get another present today, he's taking us to see New Moon. Yes, I love the movies and books! I wasn't a fan until I had read the books however. I already know whats going to happen, I still have to see it on screen! My son also read the books, I think he wants to see it more than he is letting on. He says it's really me who wants to see it lol. He's already showered and ready to go. Now if I can get my ol' man to get ready we will be making good time!

So that's it for now, I have to go get ready! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!




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