Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Sneaky Brigand.. and other news (MMO)

A day in the life of a Brigand..
Yesterday was full of Kunark quests for me. I decided to pick up my little Brigand and level her up some. I managed to get her to 20, get some quests done and get more of a feel for her. While I think the Shadowknight is a great class, I just don't want to be stuck tanking all the time(when I finally hit the max level..).

My Brigand was actually my first character I made when I downloaded the EQ2 Trial, so long ago! I've tried many other classes to the mid 20-30 level range trying to see what I wanted to play, but for some reason she ended up sitting there collecting dust. I really wish I hadn't waited so long to get her rolling. It's such a fun class. The only thing that has me worried is the lack of AoE damage on multiple mobs while soloing. I suppose if it bothers me that much I could always betray to a Swashbuckler since they are better with multiple mobs, or so I hear. Brigands get thugs, on a four min cd, that may help in some situations.

I know I will miss playing the Shadowknight a good bit but I think this class will be more rewarding for me higher up and in groups. I can always work on her next. I absolutely love sneaking around! I invested in the AA skill 'Walk the Plank' which stuns the mob and spins it around facing the other way, you then can do your special attacks from behind with out having to maneuver around. It's sort of a higher cool down than cheap shot but well worth the points spent! Master Crafted poisons are pretty cheap so I make sure to stock up on those because they really help out a lot.

I like the idea of adventuring around quietly, sneaking up on unaware mobs. Stealth is really handy in some situations, I just bypass the annoying mobs and zero in on the one I need. Some mobs can see me still so I have to watch out. I wish it was like the EQ1 rogue... nothing could see you when you used hide/sneak!

I ended up joining a new guild with her. They seem pretty nice. There is currently another new member who just joined the game which I tried to help some, but they have the attention span of an ant, so I gave up. I notice a sort of treatment as if I must be slow at understanding things because of my level, from a player or two since playing the Brig. Sort of irritating to be spoke to as if I'm a three year old. I'm usually quick with the tongue, but I'm trying these days not to be rash about things and take it in my stride. Maybe it was because the other new member acted so young in guild chat, "OMG will this dragon in your house kill me?" or "My cocatrice pet just moved!!" Endearing maybe, but don't jumble all new players up to be complete morons. Plus I'm not new.. I suppose joining a new guild with an alt makes it look as if I am? For the most part they were very kind to me, more lively than my other guild.

It's been a real treat playing again. I even managed to find a new pet I must have missed last time I visited Kunark to do the newbie quests. A pet Chodaki. There was a quest called Chokemon, too funny. When a named mob, Grassgalor, is low on health you capture him with the chokeball. Upon turning the quest in you get him as a pet. He is such a neat little guy! I also grabbed the baby gorilla while I was there. I'll probably head back and finish up those quests later on this evening. I want to finish up some of the holiday events with her before they poof next week.

So this time I really want to see end game! I'm back tracking I know, but I want to make sure I chose a class I will want to stick with and not get dismayed with having to fill a role I don't particularly want to. So I'll be working hard to catch up!

In other news...
It looks like SWTOR has released the announcement of the Jedi Knight class. Huge Surprise! Very cool though. I wonder when this game will be released. I'm sure I'll try it when it comes out, this time I may wait to see how things pan out before rushing off to get my copy of the shiny new game on the block.

Alganon Open Beta looks to be out on Nov 11th. I got an email on Oct 23 inviting me to play on the last wave of beta. I don't think I'll be messing with that currently as I'm trying not to hop around on so many games lately. I have my plate full atm. It does look interesting, I wonder how this one will fare.

Safe adventures everyone! -kaozz
Sneaks off into the shadows...

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