Monday, November 2, 2009

Hrmm good dps class for EQ2?.. some other interesting stuff..

What I've been up to...
I've mostly been playing Everquest 2 lately. I've heard a bunch about the AB server holding The Festival of Discord and kind of wonder if I picked the wrong server, that one seems to be really hoppin and full of life. Not that Mistmoore is dead, just very top heavy I suppose would be more of a way to put it. I could always transfer.. or make a character there. Hrmm..

I need to get going on some levels though, last night I was messing around with some alts. My new little Brigand and my Necro. I finally got the Haunted Mansion done on the Necro, it was rough but I got it done. I just had to get use to her spell line up again. She got a level while in there. After playing the Sk nothing just seems as robust and fun. She just kicks a$$ and takes names wherever she goes heh. I am worried about getting to the top and tanking, I don't like tanking. I'm at the point where I want to dps. So I've been trying to dabble with some alts seeing if there is another dps class I feel comfortable with. Maybe I'll make a new little alt on AB to mess around with and check out the festival. I promise screen shots if I do!

I'm just not sure what to play, a scout or a caster? Both seem fun. I just don't know enough about high end on which to pick. I want to solo often but be able to get into a group if I need. I suppose I have some thinking I need to do on this. I'm thinking about finding another guild since the people I was friends with seem to have quit. I would like one I can group with some of the time. They are nice, but guild chat is very quiet most of the time. I need things to drawn me in, keep me interested or I tend to grow bored. Sigh.. Why does my favorite class have to be a tank?!

Some interesting stuff in other games...
Aion looks to be handing out Veteran rewards already. On November 4th. The first reward package will contain an Expand Cube Ticket to expand your inventory space, a Pop Legend dance emote to get funky with, four Lodas Amulets to boost your experience gain, and four Revival Stones to bring life and light when things look grim. You can find out more about those rewards here.

In Wow the Perky Pug has been confirmed! Oh my own little Gizmo in WoW, I can't wait! It will be a reward for using the upcoming Dungeon System. You can read more about that on

I suppose that about wraps it up for today!

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