Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pick me! (WoW)

"Play me! You can do some serious damage and not worry about healing those nubs!", says the Hunter! "No! Play me and you can get groups healing or doing dps!", says the Druid. Hunter rolls her eyes and winks over at me, "Come on, lets ditch her and have some real fun." ...While the Druid smiles innocently at me batting her eyes, "Ya know, that Warrior you duo with loves my heals!".. Doh, which one do I play?

Do you ever feel torn between your characters? I always seem to do this these days. I end up playing two characters I really like but just want to focus on one then work on the other. However they both seem to call me to play them.

With the holiday event wrapping up I will probably lean towards the Druid as she duo's so well with the Warrior and while he works odd hours we will never be looking for a tank or healer when we group. Sometimes I end up taking one for the team. I really enjoy the Druid so it's a win-win situation playing her up first. I get to group more with the hubby and I have really wanted to get her to 80 for a year. The Hunter will still get some time in here and there. They are both just so much fun.

Tonight we duo'd Sethekk Halls to get him the achievement for his Pilgrim's Bounty title and pet. It went pretty smoothly. He's bounded a level ahead of me since I've been alternating characters. So I need to catch up with the Druid this week. He only has three more rogues to shoot so I'm happy he's almost done with the Holiday achievements.

When I transferred my Hunter I sent over three heirloom items, yeah I cheated hehe. I sent shoulders for the Hunter and shoulders/chest for the Druid, so those help with the leveling some with the xp boost.  I didn't think about sending heirloom flight for the druid.. *kicks self*.. the Hunter already has it. I guess it's not so bad, I will get it in a few levels anyhow on the other.

Tonight I had someone /spit on my little racer rocket thingie from last Christmas. How rude! I laughed and asked him if he wished he had one. He replied by calling me a noob who wished I had an 80. Which was really funny. Ya know, I'm standing there with heirloom gear, chances of me not having an 80 with those on? I pointed this out (been there done that, note my heirloom items..) and asked him if he wished he had a brain.

So that was about as exciting as my night got. Actually while writing this I'm making a few chars for the hubby to shoot for the achievement. Working odd hours makes it hard to find some of the less played races. I leave you with a parting screen shot.

No not the Turkinator!



  1. Wow nice post and I love the picture you need to frame it!

  2. Hehe I'll just make it my desktop =p
    Thank you!




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