Saturday, November 28, 2009

I <3 my Druid (WoW)

My Brother actually printed this picture and mailed it to me for my birthday two years ago (he worked at a place that did some awesome prints). It always reminds me of my Nelf.

I've played healers since my Everquest days. I guess I've always been one who likes to heal. Here and there it can be a burn out at times, honestly any class can be. Dual specs can help in WoW some to let you change things up. For this last expansion I've leaned heavily on the Paladin as my main healer. For some reason I left the Priest and Druid in the dust and decided I would rather heal on the Paladin. As soon as I hit 80 on the Pally I was whisked off to Naxx to start my first Northrend raid. I had plans to level a Deathknight and raid as that, even though she made it to 80, plans didn't go as expected. All the while the poor Druid sat at 70 collecting dust.

Once or twice over the last year I've tried to get into playing the Druid again however after going from one healing style it was hard to get into the mindset of healing as another. I was so use to FoL spam and playing the wack-a-mole that holy is. It's now been at least a month since I parked the Paladin, I've been getting use to healing as the Druid and using the tools to heal my Warrior as we group. Which has been so laid back. I've always loved hots so it's odd that I ended up as a Paladin healer for so long!

Last night we decided to do some instance runs. While leveling in groups is harder to gauge things (as they differ at 80), I do recall moments that were harder than others while working on the healers. So in our first group I actually went Boomkin because my Warrior decides to invite a Shaman who says she has one spec, resto. She's 80 and a bit low on hp and mana for the level, I assume she was a fresh 80 since she was in one of the bigger raiding guilds on the server. I wasn't ecstatic about this, as I wanted to try my hand at healing a group again, but it wasn't a huge deal. First group goes ok, we decide to do another, Shaman leaves. I switch back to resto and begin healing.

Out of all the healers I've leveled in this expansion (this will be my third), it has been the most enjoyable to heal a five man with (I even have a resto shaman sitting at 62 lol.. you could say I've played them all). The group hot and instant cast hots rolling over the group and tank really pack a punch. We had a Paladin who pulled excess groups a couple of times, at one point we had three groups of mobs on us and my Warrior looks over to me and says "Jen, I think you're going to have to try to shadowmeld, we are fixing to wipe." That's my emergency key lol, he knows I'm quick to hit it to prevent a full wipe in a group if I can.. if it works. However I nodded and kept on healing and we actually made it. The groups dps was actually very decent at this level which didn't hurt.

I'm not gauging my whole Druid experience on this as I played her before Wrath came out. I liked her for a reason but after playing three healers to 80, (once she actually gets there!) I think I will be happiest as Resto. I absolutely love it. We ended up doing three really fun groups last night and it was such a breeze and actually fun to be healing again.

I'm not saying resto is teh best spec evah! I'm just happy I found another healing spec I enjoy so much after being burnt out for awhile. I forgot just how nice healing on the Druid was. For me it fits well. Even if I do have to be a gnarled ol' tree. Yes, I went there. Tree. Form. Is. Ugly. Honestly it would have been better as a graphic for barkskin. Before you even think it: I didn't sign up for ugly form to go with my resto spec when I fell for the class.. I played a Druid long before there was an ugly tree, vanilla baby! Ok, it was cute.. for five minutes then I got tired of it.  I am going to get off the form topic, I love the class regardless.

I've always had a soft spot for the class and the idea of the class from my Everquest days. Even though it is a different class altogether it still is one I love. So that's it, I just wanted to say I <3 my Druid! It looks like she will take the lead in leveling as I hit 75 (finally) with her last night. I'm off now to do my fishing and cooking dailies!

See ya in Azeroth!


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