Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last Stand, devation from the norm, Zombie post.

I love Zombie movies, games, books.. anything Zombie. I don't know why, I just do. Not all the time of course, I just like creepy stuff sometimes! Last night  I spent some time playing Last Stand and Last Stand 2, very fun flash games. I had fun earlier in the night watching my son show my brother the game. We use to play it sometimes and always had a lot of laughs over it. I even named some of the zombies, there's so and so.. your Grandmother, your Uncle.. Oh I'm such a bad mommy. The chainsaw, oh it gets me in stitches.. I always have to use it at some point.

This is a fun little flash game(s) that can be very addictive! While this isn't really MMO related, these two games are really cool and worth checking out if you like flash games. Last Stand was the first and it is a little tougher than the other, I suck at it. Last Stand 2 has more variation, depth, a story line and you actually travel. It has more options, other than that it's still the fun filled zombie kill fest.

So if your bored, you like zombies, or both check it out. If you like zombies I have a link where I found a whole slew of zombie games I still am working on checking out, all flash of course.

The Last Stand 
The Last Stand 2
Zombie Games Galore

Till next.. Brains.. Brains.. Must have..
What was I saying? Ah never mind.. Brains..

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