Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hybrid Theory (WoW)

No this isn't a post about Linkin Park.. although they kick a$$! Actually, I was thinking today about my Druid I'm currently leveling in WoW. I know I will end up healing with her at 80, heck I already have a Resto spec simply because I duo with a Warrior. I enjoy being able to heal and dps, I think dual specs were a fantastic addition to the game. What bothers me is the gear part.

Oh I know.. You have to work hard and get both sets. Right. I did that with the Paladin, I have a decent Holy set and a so-so Ret set. Well honestly at this point I don't feel like working on two sets even if one comes later. Maybe I should transfer the hunter and level her with the Warrior, then I never have to worry about it! *Whines*... But I like hybrids. I honestly don't think the problem Blizzard aimed to solve with Dual Spec was really made much better, if not worse in some ways. Let me explain.

I cannot count how many times I read about it on the WoW forums, selfish hybrid classes speccing to dps and not heal or tank with that extra spec! Oh those selfish people playing how they want to, what has this game come to?! Well you have to take into account sometimes people don't have the time, nor want to spend time getting two sets of gear, and good gear at that, in this elitist world we now play in. Say they did start working on it, GEAR CHECKS! That annoys me to no end when people mention that in a group. I like to tell them to check my gear then make them waste the time to armory me and not even join. Ok, I don't really.. but I would like to one day *evil laugh*. Actually I've never had a problem with that honestly but I can see how it would intimidate some players. Also some people have that other spec just for PvP.

The problem isn't the specs now, it's getting the proper gear for both specs. I find myself at times pigeonholed at times into healing because it's often easier to get in a group that way, and besides my Holy set is better than my Ret set. Then my dps set hurts after some time with no upgrades. I actually have a whole dps set I can run in fine with, but it took some time, and really it's kinda dusty and not as shiny as the new gear out now. I don't mind healing, sometimes I don't want to though. So really unless you have a guild that has a lot of off spec gear up for grabs, or a lot of time to raid for two sets, it can be a pain. I suppose you could get a ton of badges in heroics, hey that takes time too! It would be much easier say for a druid to switch to Resto to Balance except the stat problem, I'd be missing a lot of hit and my stats wouldn't be as they should for dps. Sure a few items could be used but not all. I ran into that problem with the Priest. With the Paladin I had to get a whole complete different set.

Lets all just be what is needed! It would be nice if you could just change your stats with a click of a button much like you can with Specs. But lets face it, that currently isn't how it is. People have to pick what they want to work on first, or some simply pick one spec for PvP. You can't get mad at them for playing how they want to, we all do. I would love it if a class set actually swapped stats and enchants with the spec you currently were specced for. That would be very awesome, but it wouldn't really be viable. It would hurt raiding in a lot of ways I think.

I suppose in the end it's all about choices and how much you personally can work on. Just because someone per-say can tank or heal doesn't mean they really can, if they don't have the gear to back it up. Honestly some people are not good at everything, some people can dps like fiends but can't tank or heal worth a crud and vice-versa. When it really comes down to it, you have to pick what you want to do. If you don't, it leads to burn outs quickly. If you can do them all then more power to you! If you can gear up for all three specs, well done! Not everyone wants to or has the time to though, we have to remember that. We have to always keep in mind the most important fact.. It's a game, meant to be fun!

Do you find yourself stuck to one spec you don't like so much anymore due to the choices you made earlier in this expansion? Or do you simply just have enough gear to swap out specs as you please? I can say for my Paladin I can swap out and go for either spec. Once people know you can.. well which spec do you think they'll ask you to join as the most ;) Just some thoughts I've had while leveling, yet another, hybrid class..

See you in Azeroth...




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