Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ECTmmo Contest: Win a pair of Aion wings for Guild Wars!


Want to win a pair of Aion wings for Guild Wars?
It's been a long time since I played Guild Wars and I really have too many things going on to pick it back up. So.. I decided to give away a pair Aion wings for Guild Wars! I might as well give them to a reader who would like to use them! I have a code here waiting to be used, enter for your chance to have them!

To Enter the Contest.. and the Rules!
To enter the contest all you have to do is comment on this post! Requirements for the comment are: Tell me what MMORPG you are playing and why it's fun. Or if you are not playing anything, tell me what you are not playing and why. Please remember to leave your email in order to be contacted and one post per person please. The last day to enter will be October 31st. November first I will randomly draw and email the access code to the winner after posting the result. Good Luck! And thanks for visiting the new site!

Your Wings Await!


Note: Any explicit or abusive comments will be deleted. Feel fee to make a comment even if you do not wish to join, or ask a question. You can always email any questions directly to kaozz@ectmmo.com. Also for those who wish to post anonymously, you can email in your address just remember to send in the name you posted as.

(Keep checking in, as I'm wanting to hold one more contest this year!)


  1. Hey! I'm playing Guild Wars 2 obviously and it's fun because it's all about tactics and not who has more money like in wow. Also because its free :).

  2. Good reason and good game! You forgot to leave a contact email, didn't see one in my in box either. So get a hold of me for your wings!

  3. Hey sorry about that. Here it is tastemple@gmail.com




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