Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aion one month mark! Will YOU renew?

So it's around that time, Aion has been out about a month now, the free month is about up for me. Will you renew your account? I've been sort of sitting on the fence about this for a week now. Right now I think Aion is a pretty good game. However if you've visited my blog before, then you know I have some issues with NCSoft in general.

Just a mention of a few issues would be: Travel, limited flight, lack of getting places quickly. Flight paths are ironic. Animations interfering with casting, attacking and even movement. Poor support and communication from NCSoft as a whole. The Abyss, this is going to be very messy for those lower levels when the game becomes top heavy.

I'm still not feeling NCSoft is in touch with the community as it should be, even after a month. I'm sorry but Twitter isn't cutting it. Why should I go to twitter for information when the game has it's own website and forums? Really.. Twitter shouldn't be the main means of communication. Which comes to the second complaint I've had. The website and forums feel neglected. I was very happy to see a Halloween Event announcement, I almost fell out of my chair when I even saw that listed.

NCSoft has always been kind of meh on the support in some of the games I've played. Many of the games are filled with gold spammers and botters. It's been a problem for a long time with many of their games... If it wasn't tackled in those games as it should have been then why would they start now? See where I am getting? I just don't want to invest in a game that is going to go from being such a big hit to being another game that has poor: support, communication with players. And... honestly will it ever be Westernized enough for us? That is something I have touched on quite a bit, yes, it still is a question I am weighing. It is a good solid game I hope NCSoft realizes how many people want to see some action taken to make this game all it can be here in NA.

I'm not saying Aion is a neglected horrible game. It's really a great game. NCSoft has made some changes for the better. It is moving in a better direction, but slowly. In a fast paced MMO world a game can be knocked out of the running rather quickly when players feel it's going down the tubes or not offering enough. When the next big hit comes out will the game still have a decent player base?

I will probably continue to play and see how it goes, for now I am still having fun. I suppose all we can do is wait and see how it goes. I've read a lot of thoughts on Aion, I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. The fonder of recently published a letter to NCSoft, you can check it out here. It touched on some very good points.

Let me say this in closing, the game is truly a great game. It's fun, it has depth, PvP and PvE. Good solid classes. It's a work of art, truly lovely. I am probably one of the biggest Aion fans. I just want to see this game succeed. While there is much to be worked it has a good solid foundation.

Will you be playing another month? Do you have any issues that bother you about playing another month? Or will you give it some more time to even out? I still have a few more days to decide!

Till next time Daevas!

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