Thursday, October 29, 2009

Revisiting Everquest 2 (MMO)

Last night I took the plunge and jumped back over to Everquest 2 for something fun to do. I've not played in quite awhile, it was nice to still be in my guild, they helped me with several questions. Upon checking out my house I noticed I had an extra room! I forgot all about extra rooms being added on to housing. Very cool. I'm glad to be back, I've always had a fondness for this game. I know and enjoy the Everquest lore, so it's always a familiar place in Norrath.

I had all intentions of playing the Necro so I logged her in first, decided to check out the Halloween Event in the Loping Plains. She is only 32 so it was a bit freaky running around a zone much much higher than her. No problems getting there, pretty easy. However it just wasn't as easy going through the instance with her. I died, gave it another shot then logged her out. Maybe I just need to get use to playing her her again.

I thought, well I may as well try the Shadow Knight out. Much easier, more laid back. Went through the mobs like a hot knife through butter. I ended up doing all the Halloween events with her, having a blast. A very nice time for me to pick her back up, got almost two levels doing those events. I almost have a full "cosmetic" set from the event. A black plate looking set. I just need the legs. Many thanks to Zam for their complete holiday walk through. Tipped me off on a bunch to do! Some of those would have taken much longer without it.

I got a couple of really sweet looking capes, some neat stuff for my house. I loved the trick or treating, got a black "bandit" looking mask, cat mask and skeleton mask from that and another quest so far. So yeah, I'm very glad I picked it back up. I think I may grab the latest expansion next week also.

So today I think I'll work on some more Halloween stuff and redecorate my house since I have an extra room! Sure there are some things that I don't like about EQ2 but overall it's a fantastic game. I've been playing S.O.E. Games for almost a decade now, I suppose just I really like the direction they went with the Everquest games, also Free Realms. Plus I get to be a Dark Elf again, my first character in the original was a Dark Elf. A decade later I'm still running through Neriak! <3 Neriak.

Last night in Free Realms I logged in to do a few things for a bit, I got an octo hat from the daily spin. It's too cute. I'm sure I'll be logging back into WoW here and there, not as much right now.

Till next time!

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