Friday, October 30, 2009

Looking through the mirror.. Everquest 2


                          *Looks in the mirror to adjust her armor*

One more day to Halloween! Tomorrow I'm taking my son trick or treating, I hope the weather is nice. For now I'm trying to pack in all the Halloween fun I can in EQ2 and Free Realms during my playtime. Though Free Realms is more limited by going the way of the daily.

The way of the daily is something that has started grating on my nerves, when it comes to once a year events. What's so bad about it, you ask? Trick or treating only when the timer is up, so you can do it again, because you keep getting candy you don't need? Doing that Halloween instance once a day, trying to get the items you keep losing rolls on? Getting into a daily group only to find out that some of the members already did it, being greedy, and now you have one less chance at a drop you need or want. I want to get all I can out of those instances, not wait until next year to complete an achievement.

I'm not missing any of that bull when I play Everquest 2. I can happily solo my Halloween instances, run them back to back if I like. No timers locking me out until the next day. I can run it with a friend even if they already did it. I can trick or treat whenever I feel like it. As long as I have the time to permit it, I can get everything I want during the event. I like that, a lot.

Last night I decided to take my little fury through some of the instances. I did the hedge event which was pretty easy, however I need some gear upgrades and ran out of mana in the Haunted Mansion. I don't know, I just can't go wrong with the Shadow Knight. It's just so much fun, good dps and durability. Some good tricks like evac and feign death. She can keep her health up and do decent dps at the same time. Multiple mobs? No problem, this class shines in that area. For someone who solos a lot, it's a really strong character. I always seem to gravitate back to her. So I've decided to keep leveling her up. Speaking of gear upgrades, she is starting to really need some.

I finally got my last piece of armor for the Halloween set. Looks pretty spiffy. I have so many pieces for alts I may go farm a few missing pieces for them to use them as well. I've gotten about four levels and three aa's since I've been back. It seems like the xp is flying by. I'm having fun at the same time. I decided to work on decorating my house. It's not as flashy as some I've seen, but it's nice I like to think, cozy. I'll have to post some pics of it this weekend, in my screen shots area. I love getting things for the house from the event too. I have some spooky fog I want to try out later on, see how it looks in the basement room.

In case you were wondering, today's title 'Looking through the mirror', is just a reference to one of the events in Everquest 2, the Haunted Mansion. It's a fun instance, in the final stage of it you see yourself come out of the mirror. Then you get to fight an elite version of yourself. I did a nice quick Harm Touch on her and my work was done. Not as tough as the real thing!  ;)

I've got a lot of things I need to get done today, so it's that time again, I must be off! I hope you are having a great time with all these fun events in whatever game you are playing! Let me know what you're playing, whats been fun for you this month! I love to hear from you, the reader. Have a safe and fun filled Halloween everyone!

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