Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Back To The Desert

My time in BDO has been quite fun. Overall a fun game filled with many 'sandboxy' choices of things to do. Grinding, questing, cooking, taming horses, everything gives XP. I'm sitting at 49 now, not playing nearly as much but still a game I very much like! My biggest gripe is inventory space! Sharing some shots of my time back in the game.

Cooking in one of my many houses. A game where you can have many houses in different cities. I like this aspect a lot, houses have a lot of utility and not are all for decorating.

A huge beautiful world.

Taming a horse! I spent a lot of time taming and breeding horses, it is so fun and different than most MMORPG games with these side activities. You can make some profit for this as well.

One of my horses from 'breeding'. I think I sold this one, he was so pretty! Mares are harder to find and having limited stable slots means I have to shuffle them out to the market asap.

Just a pretty shot with my horse back there. I learned how to use the makeover/beauty shop feature in the game (f4).

My pets and I off to another adventure. 

I love how pets have bonuses they add and how they loot items for you, so handy.

Pets being funny on the table there.

Meow! Pets alert you when there is a node around or an enemy, different pets have different things they can do.

Finishing a quest, lots of side quests and places to explore, a huge world.

Velia, where my horse ranch is. It is actually housing that I don't access but instead use it to get extra stable slots. I need to move it elsewhere eventually for more stable slots but these have been taken up in other cities, so I keep what I have for now glad I do have them here.

An interesting structure. I do like the art style in this game.

Some crazy looking mobs I was fighting.

Just a vista shot.

I can ride my pet, but he's super slow :(

One of my newest horses, not very fast but he's pretty!

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