Thursday, March 19, 2020

EverQuest, 21 Years Later; And Other Musings

Hope everyone is staying safe out there with all the crazy that is going on as of late. I kind of slowed down on posting over the past couple of months, I just wasn't playing more or less anything seriously, besides ACPC on my android. This month I picked up more with my MMO games. Speaking of, Animal Crossing is coming out on the switch and I've been playing a bit of mobile games on my tablet. I may buy a switch from my brother just to play the new Animal Crossing, it looks amazing.

I made Dire a new Bard, colored his armor and thought I picked a really cute name if I do say so myself. Mine is actually a randomly generated name from LoTRO, heh.
As with Everquest there isn't always a lot to share, some nights we do the same mission over and over, other times we'll farm something. If you have a gold account (subscriber) this month, you can get a free heroic boosted toon, in celebration of the anniversary-- 21 years!! I'll have a beer to you, EverQuest, lol. I started in 2000, 20 years ago, but I do remember it being around before I played. It just feels like yesterday, or, you know, like a blink ago that I was playing EverQuest and meeting Dire. I am thankful it is still very much alive and kicking, it is still a fantastic MMO that has tried to keep up the best it can, trying to keep up with the times in its own way. 

Dire and I decided to boost a couple of Beastlords and he also did a bard to box with them. It is a very strong team with some great dps. He is having a lot of fun with team, I suggested it being a change to what we normally play. We've gotten our mains (Mage/Enchanter) on Brekt to the low 90's around 92. There is a lot to do, lots of anniversary stuff to dive into with 50% bonus xp for roughly a month. There are a couple of progression servers heading out way soon, one will be named Aradune which is touching to see the game/team honor the late Brad McQuaid. Very cool.

Server mergers inc! We mainly play on FV but have taken a break to play on the Brekt server, which seems to be merging with FV, irony!You can read about the merges, events, xp, boosts and all that here on the official page.

WoW has plenty to do, I have been working on the new world content little by little. I haven't unlocked flying, not sure if I will, I usually do but I have a lot of catching up left. Still the hunter is my main, then with the CE Expansion I got a boost and took my 110 lock to 120 thinking I'd swap mains but I still have a lot of fun on the hunter and find myself on her more than any other character. There is a lot to do in general, things are better than when I last played at the end of the year but I still look forward to the expansion, new places to see.

Rift hasn't had anything new but I log in and do some daily stuff, sell, holiday events. It is easy to log in and goof off with. The population isn't dead, but it has bottomed out. I even had a troll message the other day, I've never been overly found of the general community in Rift, rabid things some of them. The Carnival event is here and there is a sweet new Dimension available, pictured below. I can't wait to make something out of it.

I have not picked up the EQ2 expansion. I have't really played, I missed the last round of holidays this year. I just haven't been fond of the past few expansions and everything instanced, kills taking forever on some classes to get through the expansion. I do miss it but I need the xpac still. I did get the EQ expansion this time around though, so I don't feel so bad.

GW2 has some new content out, I am working on that currently, so far so good. Easy peasy on the Mesmer, but some of the fights feel drawn out thus far. I like it and welcome new stuff. This time we're heading to the EOTN (Eye of The North). It's cool to see these zones in the new game since I played through in the first game. I should play some GW1, it is still a lot of fun, once in a blue moon I pop in and grab my birthday gifts. I need to delete a character to make a Dervish.... Ugh. Decisions, lol.

Closing with some recent shots, enjoy! (WoW, EQ, Rift) Stay Safe out there IRL, and safe adventures!

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