Monday, December 2, 2019


Ding, it's my birthday today! I am heading out to meet Dire for dinner tonight but I have some time to kill and I thought I'd get a post up about what I have been up to and some stuff going on in the MMO realm. Sometimes I am the last to know about these things, lol.

Somehow Age of Conan slipped under my radar for most of this year with the new(ish) Unconquered mode where you basically play 1-80 without dying. There are rewards for milestones at 20,40,60 and 80. If you die you don't lose your character but you lose progress and must start over on a new character if you want to push for 80. I really don't know if I can make it to 80 in AoC without dying but I thought it would be fun to try to see how far I could get. I rolled up a new Demonologist and it has been fun so far, I have yet to hit even 20 but I just made her today. It is comforting and relaxing playing, and it is also great to see things like this added to the game for another aspect of play. So,  I will be working on this as a project on the side seeing how far I can make it!

Dark Age of Camelot went free to play! Finally, huh? I also popped in to give it a go. There are a limited number of classes to play as free to play, but with a game offering around 45 class choices, there is a very large pool to pick from in the free to play form. The game has had some updates over the years, there are tons of quests to do to get you on your way to the cap, mounts, armor, lots of helpful rewards in the PvE element. I always play on the Co-Op server but I hear the PvP servers are a bit more populated since opening the doors to F2P. It is worth checking this one out if you haven't, the game has a lot to see and do, it isn't nearly as archaic as you may think and gives a true tutorial when you play through the quests.

Last but not least Dire and I have returned to EverQuest. We're playing around with some new alts on Brekt again and I am sure we'll play on FV with our mains as well. For my Birthday I ended up getting a retroactive CE for EQ, one that I missed on this account years ago, it comes with several cool mounts, mercs and big bags. Very excited to be back, there is an expansion hitting soon, I'm sure we'll get it after the new year as we still have a lot of stuff to keep us busy for the time being, Dire might get the itch to level again soon though. We have a friend playing there on Brekt and hope to catch up with him sometime and play, it is good to be back with Dire though!

That's it for today, has anything passed you by lately? Safe adventures!

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    I must get DAOC downloaded and have a run around. Must be more than fifteen years since I last played it but I can still remember a huge amount about the early zones. Wonder if my old account will still work? I think I have the login details somewhere...




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