Wednesday, January 16, 2019

New Year, Same Games

New year, same ol' games! Which isn't a bad thing, is it? I don't have any resolutions this year. I quit smoking in August of last year, I don't really have any other big goals which is fine with me! In gaming I don't have any resolutions. I could say I want to stick with X game, but really most of what I play I have played for many years. EQ since 2000, WoW at release, and so on.

I would love to just stick with one thing but it just doesn't work out that way. There is LoTRO which I really want to level through the content on my Lore Master. I really can't say why I took a break last time, I think I needed to backtrack on the chapters for the main story and I didn't feel like doing that. EQ2 I dabble in quite a lot, though I am on a small hiatus and will pick back up more so once the next holiday hits. However, I don't care for the slow pace for soloing through the zones though, it is a real snooze fest. SWTOR has been really good, it probably caters to me more than any other game lately. The new story addition with the latest update was short but nice. The new area is great. I can't really complain about the game, other than I have too many characters I like to hop around on. I love to pick up alts in EQ still, I do at least once a week. Even GW2 is good in small doses, I need to catch up on the new story!

Same old games, not quite as exciting, the industry isn't the same, I still have hopes to see more new releases, new things to try. I actually picked up WoW again. I haven't played any of my mains, just playing an alt on Argent Dawn so far. I wanted to go through some old zones and just relax and soak up that nostalgic feeling. It's pretty fun for now. I will most likely head back to the expansion to actually level up a main soon. Sometimes I just crave the pace in WoW, the combat is fluid, the world familiar. It's like going home, same with EverQuest.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful year thus far! Do you have any gaming resolutions?





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