Thursday, November 1, 2018

Leftover Halloween Candy Edition

I actually missed making a Halloween post, I think for the first time since I started blogging here. Yesterday I was a bit busy and I have family visiting again. So I thought I'd post some leftover screenshots from the Halloween season. Kind of like leftover Halloween candy, which I am so not eating, lol. Enjoy!

Aion has some spooky decorations and some higher level stuff to do. Maybe next year, for now seeing decorations was enough. 

WoW was hopping on Silvermoon, mostly the same ol' quests. I subbed again but have not been able to play much at all so far. I missed out on so many candy buckets!

Rift added pumpkin heads to critters and mobs, very festive! Love this little detail, so festive!

Broom mount, finally!


Some of these mobs look better with the addition of the pumpkin heads!

Eq2's Halloween is not complete without spooky scarecrows.

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