Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I will be doing a lot of cooking tomorrow so I figured I'd get a post up before the holiday weekend hits us. It is Frostfell on test in EQ2! Sharing some festive shots as well as some from the new expansion. Enjoy!

A new pet illusion out this year, an adorable ninja gingerbread man! 

Questing for holiday goodies, this one is new to me, grabbing hopping presents.

I think the holiday area should always be twilight, so much easier on the eyes than bright sunlight!

One of several new holiday head items, Candycane crown.

Working through some old but good quests, love the hearts and rainbow, lol.

Flying around the expansion for a guide quest.

Guide quest backpack reward, you can usually catch them in the Library, it's a really great quest.

Some more neat stuff from expansion. 

A neat aquarium in my guild's hall. I am in Heroes of Test, where I got to meet the awesome Niami Denmother who runs EQTC. Very happy here on test!

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