Wednesday, October 17, 2018

October- All Over The Place

MapleStory 2 early access has come to an end, letting everyone in to try the game, it's free to play. MS2 is an adorable game with some depth, lots of questing, housing, tons of free mounts to collect, pet collecting (after lvl 50), clothing design and you can also collect and play different instruments. I've played two characters up to about 25 and 35. It has been quirky and fun, lots to do.

My son has played the original MapleStory since he was a kid, he always loved the game and I've even tried it a couple of times.  For me it has always been hard to get past the side scrolling aspect of MapleStory. I always appreciated the charm, the flair, the classes and all of the neat things the game offered. When we saw there was going to be a new MapleStory it really looked interesting and we were excited. I picked up the head start package, my son decided to wait until release. There were some nice perks in the headstart packs but one thing I did not like is they are bound to one character, which was a big disappointment as I ended up switching characters at one point.

I don't think it is material for a main squeeze for me, but my son really adores the game and I like it well enough to keep it on the roster of games to keep playing. We have not actually played together yet, mostly conflicting schedules. It's worth a try, the combat gets a bit grindy with some classes but there is questing that leaves a breadcrumb trail for you to follow so you're never at a loss at what to do. Plenty of dungeons as well, they are simple and quick.

The game has a lot of random events that you can take part in, trivia, really random games. It is cute and tons of people play them, very different scene for me but I do like it. The events feel festive and bring players together so things don't feel as mundane. Grouping is fairly easy, though the group finder sometimes puts you in too small of a group and a dungeon that should go by quickly slogs on. It's been out in the East for a couple of years at least so there is a lot of polish to what we've gotten so far.

My partner in crime and real life, he's hawt in both!<3 td="">

Dire and I teamed up to play some Age of Conan, we both made demonologists. I don't know how far they will get because he hasn't had much time to play. I thought the more classic feeling combat and questing might get him back into the feel of things. Slowly we're leveling, he's working a lot too, so playing when you're tired isn't any fun. I still think it's a great game, I wish it hadn't been put on the shelf by Funcom. There is another classic type retro server, it is PvP so that's out for us. I didn't really play much with the last nostalgia server, I made a character on the normal server instead. Glad to see the game gets some type of attention at least. I would love to continue to keep playing these characters to the top, it is one of the few MMO games he will return to, so I do have hope!

I so wish Rift was getting some attention that wasn't just about the nostalgia server. I received a code from Trion for a 14 day pass to try the new server, I keep thinking about it but I like playing on the live servers more than starting over. I tried the game in beta and I don't find nostalgia that pulling for those days, I like the Rift now better than then, except it was a lot more lively and had more attention to development. I might still burn the code and log in just for the heck of it. I keep logging in to play on the normal live servers but I feel like there isn't a whole lot to do. My auctions are not selling well, the population has been split between the live and nostalgia servers. I don't know if I'll even do much with the holiday content. I don't know why it bothers me so much Rift doesn't get many updates these days but AoC doesn't seem to bother me. Possibly because I really love Rift, it's one of my top go to MMOs, or it used to be.

These days I mostly find myself in Norrath. EQ2 specifically. The game still gets content on a pretty regular basis. The team works hard and really keeps things alive. I look forward to new stuff this fall, new stuff to do, more stuff to work on. I have so much to catch up with on this server with a fresh character, I will never fully catch up as slow as I go.

I'm still playing on the Test Server, if you'd like to say hello I'm usually on Anjealous. I've been working on a really interesting house/zone. I can't get enough of decorating and building in EQ2 and Rift.  I mostly find myself collecting candy for Halloween, trying to grab up items from the pre-expansion event and I still need to do the days of summer. There is plenty to tide me over until the expansion and beyond. It is very quiet playing on test, I have to harvest everything for crafting, but the harvesting gobby helps tons! I like it there still and I'm sure I'll be playing there for quite awhile.

I'd like to get back to WoW with Dire. He's been talking about it a bit, mostly about the glory days back in vanilla and The Burning Crusade. Vanilla servers seem a long ways off, maybe I can talk him into playing a tank/healer duo with me, it's been awhile since we went that route. I really like this expansion, I think it's pretty solid and there is a lot of meat on the bones to pick at.

I'm all over the place, as far as gaming goes, different day, same story. Thanks for stopping by, safe adventures!




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