Thursday, August 23, 2018

Expansion Time!

We're back playing WoW, my son and I. We started right before the expansion hit and gained the mounts from the event. As far as pre-release events this one was rather quiet compared to those in the past. Now that the expansion is here, we're chipping away at the new levels, not rushing at all, trying to just absorb and take in all the new areas. It is really nice to have new zones to explore!
The expansion is no exception when it comes to polished and beautiful zones. You get your choice to pick, as you did in Legion, where you wish to start out. I picked Drustvar. This zone is creepy and beautiful, dark and mysterious. It has a sort of similar vibe to the Worgen starting area, all of the buildings, lots of little details. It isn't the same but I just had to start here in a big, creepy forest. So far I like it. The capital city is just so cozy and welcoming, I was impressed, nice going to a city first for a change.

The expansion is more of the same. But it is good to have and see new quest zones in an open world, some of my other MMO games seem to keep shrinking away at open zones to quest in at max level. I love every moment of questing because I crave it in games like EQ2, where there used to be huge overland zones for questing instead of instances. There is artifact power, but it is spread out over different items. I am not sure really how I feel about it, I loved the artifact weapons but this seems alright so far. Also you get a bit tougher as you gain the perks with the gear, which isn't something I had expected. Surprises are nice.

I am playing the hunter through first, mostly. It's enjoyable, I love survival, which I thought I would never say. Currently it is fluid with decent damage. I am only 113 now, not in any rush and I have had family here staying for the last few and just busy in general, it has cut into a lot of playing, so I am just soaking it all in when I can play. I have also started the Horde campaign and thus far I like it a lot, both starting cities are so beautiful in different ways. So far a very solid start with plenty to do!

Dire and I are playing EverQuest when he has the time. A new duo on a newer free trade server. The server is Brekt, which is a very low population server. It hasn't seemed to really take off, it was merged with another TLP server if memory serves me right. What is nice here is that while we can use loyalty tokens for a little bit of plat, we have actually been questing for our items. It is a nice change actually needing things we loot or quest for. There was a time we couldn't afford to twink characters but now I have grown so tired of twinking this is a refreshing change. Dire is an enchanter and I am playing a magician. I look forward to going to zones and seeing what we can use or quest for in them. So far it's been great. Plus, I adore any time spent with him.

I am still messing around on the side with EQ2 and Rift as I can, sometimes LoTRO if I find the time, but this week I have not had much of a chance. EQ2 is having another Days of Summer event this year! I need to get started on it, tons of great items last year and it looks like more good stuff! Rift has had a lot of events back to back this summer too. Currently there is the dog days of summer sale, offering some unique looking stuff. It gives me a chance to unload my bags and bags of stuff I collected this summer. I still would love to take a look at the new content in TESO as well. So much to do, so little time.

I wish I had more interesting things to report back on with the expansion but I still have to dig my heels in a bit more! Safe adventures. Until next time :)

Questing through the alliance area.

Horde side questing.

My little Bee pet.

Creepy snake people.

Is that you Bhagpuss?

Dire and I starting out on Brekt.

Dire and I in Field of Bone.


  1. Heheh. Could be!

    And thanks for the tip on Days of Summer. I've been playing Bless and neglecting EQ2 and I'd missed the announcement.

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