Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! A late start at getting this post up, I have just been so busy, but it has been with good stuff for the most part! Lots going on and so I haven't really had much to share gaming wise. I wanted to pop on and do a small New Year post though.

Mostly I had to put Trove off for the time being, packing and all the clicking bothered my right arm tremendously, so no action games for awhile. I was a bit sad because I really love playing Trove. I have been mostly bumbling around in EverQuest when I have some free time and it is pretty relaxing, especially at the lower levels. 2018 and EQ is my go to game already. The more things change the more they stay the same, eh? Nice part of it is Dire logged in with me, which was awesome.

I may pick up SWTOR to play through the next chapter, I logged in last night, tired and blurry eyed. I didn't have much energy to do much but maybe this evening I will be able to get to the latest chapter. A great reason to log in being that there are the anniversary rewards that are available currently, you don't even need to sub, some new flair to add onto your character portrait as well as some stronghold and fun items. Worth it to log in and grab those, the flair looks sweet. They are available on the fleet at the anniversary vendor.

I don't expect much new from 2018 gaming wise, but we have so much out there already. My biggest wish is to see more things built upon, more updates to the games I love and play, polish and content. I'm not looking forward to anything new this year really.

I will return to posting more once I get moved in settled in, probably a few small posts until next moth. Hope everyone is having a great 2018!


  1. Sorry not a frequent visitor to this site so if you've tried this before and blogged about it. - my bad. But have you tried Trove with a controller? It has made a huge difference in my gaming experience on PC - some games just are fine with a controller - better even (Shadow of War, Assassins Creed:Origins). Worth a shot anyways if it takes away your pain from 100% mouse/kb use!

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