Friday, December 1, 2017

Hello December!

In EQ2 I managed to hit 105 and head into the Plane of Innovation instance to progress through the main story line for the PoP expansion. My plans to move forward have been slowed a bit for now though. Over the weekend I will probably dabble more with LoTRO until things get smoothed out.

Today I logged in to EQ2 and noticed a guide calling for help in chat. I always like these quests and it is fun to joke around with the guides. They had an issue with a gnome wanting to create digital versions of all the books and we needed to bring notebooks to allow the guide to copy books to save them. Basically you hand the guide a couple of notebooks and get a book with a story written in it, very neat. It was a cute story and is sitting in one of my houses in Freeport. I also was given a lamp and warm mug of drink, which is sitting right beside the book. That is one of the unique things about the EverQuest games, it is always charming to find a guide handing out a quest. Unique and something you don't see much of in many MMO games.

Progressing through PoP, it has been up and down with a few bugs and glitches. Things have gone down to a slow slog at this point. Not hard, but just annoying issues with my merc. It seems that just about anything in the solo instances basically one shot my merc. I couldn't figure out what was happening at first, he just was gone, poof! And then I saw he had died. Which is odd as my pet has zero issues in here, he can wail away on mobs all day and not take much damage. I may try a different pet to see if I can just solo it without the merc, as annoying as that is changing up my spec. I hope some issues get smoothed out and looked into but I have a feeling it surely won't be until next week at the earliest. Very antsy to finish this and hope it gets fixed sooner than later. The XP has also slowed down to a crawl as I finished up the first PoI instance. Not sure what is going on with that, felt odd to see it slow down so much. I am just keeping my fingers crossed and hope that this will be looked into soon.

The PoI zones are interesting looking, but they are all the same looking so far, which isn't a big deal as I like the look a lot. I like the art and the mobs are all mechanical creatures, it is reminiscent of the Plane of Innovation zone in the first EQ, would have been nice for it to be an open questing zone. There is a version of PoI for the public group quest, I have not tried it yet but it is interesting to see it as it's own zone, like that idea a lot.

For now things are on hold until I feel like messing more with this annoyance. My birthday is tomorrow and I don't want to spend it messing about getting annoyed, heh. The big four-oh. Lots going on in RL that may slow me down soon, looking at houses, kind of stressful but gaming is always a nice way to relax.

LoTRO has flipped the switch back on for the fall festival, which is awesome for me since I didn't do much with it and I get to with my new character. Last night I spent some time going through the haunted burrow and doing some other quests, there are a few things I really want so I need to collect as many tokens as I can!

I really enjoy the scenery and questing in LoTRO, it has a relaxing and uncomplicated feel. I hear Mordor is quite rough but I suppose I'll have to see how it goes when I get there, for now I am not in any rush as there is plenty for me to see and do along the way. I am trying to get as many deeds done as I can, which is another nice goal.

Christmas has landed in the mobile Animal Crossing game, I have dabbled around in it a bit. The game isn't perfect but I only play it in short spurts so it is quite fun in that way. Christmas starts in EQ2 soon, which will have lots of things to collect, then LoTRO I imagine before long, as well as Rift and WoW. Plenty of stuff to look forward to.

Speaking of WoW I have not made much time for it lately, with enjoying LoTRO so much and the EQ2 having the expansion out. I think I will mess around with my mount achievement later on in the weekend and see if I can make some progress.

Have a great weekend! Safe adventures.

Taking an automated ride with my pet pony trailing after me.

The Haunted Burrow.


Making my way through the first PoI instance.

EQ2 guide handing out a quest to players.

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  1. I wanted to comment on your previous post but I literally don't have time to comment on blogs at the moment - just doing this between breakfast and going to work! There's a bug with mercs - they don't adjust to the new levels when you ding 101. The not charging thing is also a bug. Mercs are basically useless until they fix it. Probably Tuesday in the main patch.




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