Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December Dabblings

Christmas is in the air, in most games there is some type of winter holiday event going on now. With this going on it has slowed down my progress of leveling in EQ2 and working on my flight in WoW, but it's fun to collect stuff and do something with a different theme. And did anyone else get really upset with last week's The Walking Dead mid season finale? Spoilers below.

I've touched on TWD here over the years, being a huge fan when it was released. Over the years I've collected cool items and overall enjoyed the show, we have been pretty big fans. Dire has always really loved the show, even when I had issues as I follow the comics more closely. It has started to really stink with the whole Negan thing going on way, way too long, but still we watch it. I like Negan, I just don't like this dragging out. There are so many new characters that come in and I just keep feeling like the connection to the show is slowly being chipped away. Sure people will die, but it's a TV show and I like it for the characters, not a rotating cast. That being said I told Dire, after the last show, I'm done. I actually cried over the show for the first time, it was something I didn't expect. Carl is going to die, I don't want to watch an episode that will have me in tears, I don't care to watch it when there is no hope. Carl and Judith stand for hope and when you kill that, there is nothing left. Really feeling ticked off at this direction, they've stayed so far from the comics with this move. I'm so done.

Anyhow, back to gaming. There are so many events going on that it will be hard to focus! I popped in TSW which has the boss fight once an hour. Lots of cool items to grab with this event. Really like the ease of TSW events, nice to pop in and get something done. EQ2 has been in full swing for a few days and it is as lovely as ever. Lots of crafting and questing, collecting all kinds of things. I do wish they'd bump up the vanilla crafting component from the harvests, I have spent so much time trying to get more of these to make everything I need. It is one of the best events out there, there is so much to do, you can jump in and out, it is so accessible for everyone and you can collect so many cool things by participating! Pictured at the top of the post is a holiday house I am working on in EQ2, I have had a lot of fun working on it!

Rift has a lot of controversy surrounding it with the outrageous prices on the holiday packs and selling end game currency. With the last holiday we went from the coolest items being put in lock-boxes to now just throwing them in a bundle and asking prices of $249 and $99. There is even a Halloween costume in one of these that never made it in until now. They want to ask these prices around Christmas?! I am all for buying fluff but not when it is all bundled up with huge price tags at certain times of the year. I can see buying a collectors edition to an expansion but this is just mind boggling. So if you don't get it now, well, it'll be gone and you've missed out. Not cool. But the event is fun, there is still other stuff to collect, I don't have to have everything even though these crazy prices get under my skin. It has dampened the event but I have logged on and collected some cool stuff like weapon skins, some dimension stuff like the gingerbread house items. I just wish Trion would realize they are not going in the right direction with these money grabs.

I made a lot of progress with unlocking flying but I still have a ways to go. Dire flew me around the other night and it was a lot easier getting these quests done! I hopefully will stick with it another few nights this week to get it closer to being finished. I think I'll feel like playing a lot more once this is done!

Oh, and DDO has something going on now where you can create a character and get level ten for free. You don't need to do anything besides log in, I have heard you can create multiple characters also. I logged in and grabbed one, I will have to putter with it more when I have some time! EverQuest just released a new expansion! I have to get back there and get back into the swing of things before I can even tackle another xpac. SWTOR has some new stuff out and I have yet to even look at it, and the holiday/anniversary event is going on now. I'll have to get around to that as well. Better to have too much then not enough, right?

That's it for today, still trying to beat this terrible cold. Enjoy the holiday fun, safe adventures!

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