Monday, November 27, 2017

Eye Candy

Sharing some lovely shots I took along my travels in LoTRO, WoW and a nifty EQ2 clip! Tomorrow the expansion hits in EQ2, can't wait to see how it is. It sounds like a great expansion for those who have been gone, easy to jump in on any 100, easy access to get rolling not depending on gear. And I am sure we can fly there too... which is a relief after walking everywhere in WoW still, lol. 

Traveling through the elf lands on my lore master. It is so beautiful here.

Over the holiday weekend there were some people playing music, a nice thing to see, one of the coolest things in any MMO!

Taking screenshots is hard not to do in LoTRO, even after all these years it is still so pretty.

I could get lost here. The zones in LoTRO are massive with little spots tucked away.

Dire got his Vial of The Sands mount, I hitched a ride to a world boss since I am slack and can't fly in the xpac still, lol.

I flew Dire out, in the old world, to tame a rare beast in Duskwood. I've tamed it twice and we got it right away, he was so excited. I'm the mount behind him, love these two player mounts they are so awesome.

Last but not least, EQ2's pre-order item is just adorable! The Clockwork Calamity Illusion which works on mounts and loops a dance when you emote /dance. Looooove it! It is the little things that make these games what they are.


  1. Really looking forward to the expansion - just wish they'd timed it better for my work schedule!

    1. Hope you got in before bed and got to take a look!

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