Wednesday, August 30, 2017


I hadn't planned on jumping into EQ2 for the Days of Summer event. The more I thought about it, as the first week started ticking by, the more I felt myself wanting to. I just have to have the Mara Estate deed for the housing reward on the last week. Over the years I have hoped for it to become available and here it is. Thus I figured I better get it or I would be kicking myself for a long time.

So, with this event we get some neat house items, a mount, a merc, a pet, we also get some nice gear as a catch up mechanic for those of us who were way behind. Alts benefit nicely too, which I have a few gathering dust, this made it much easier to hop on them. I finished up the KA timeline rather quickly and I was pretty happy about that. Now I have to do it all over on my IoR character, ugh, but at least I will be able to now.

I really appreciate this catch up event, most games have such a mountain to climb if you take a break or have lots of alts. The epic 2.0 is still a grind but I am not worried about that currently, it isn't as if I raid or actually group these days. It has been nice to log in and feel like I am utilizing the expansion I bought. There is also a post on the forums how the epic 2.0 will be handy to have in the expansion, but not required...whew. It also mentions more catch up mechanics before the new expansion, I thought that was a really nice gesture. I really appreciate the effort the team is making to help people log back in and catch up, hats off to the DBG team!

The IoR server also got some nice bonuses this week! More bonuses for playing there, the forums have a post up with the notes if you are wondering exactly what they may be. I try to play there as much as I can, hopping back and forth, not playing EQ2 as my only game, I sort of get swamped but maybe this will give me more incentive to log in more.

I wanted to play a new high elf in LoTRO, but I don't need Mordor yet, and the price is steep for the collector editions which is required to play the new race. So I put that on the side for now. I already have plans on playing GW2's PoF when that releases in a few weeks, no need to overload myself, maybe for Christmas though!

Speaking of GW2, that is what I have found myself logging into when not playing EQ2. It is just so easy to log in and do whatever. It is a nice break from playing EQ2 and looking at the wiki every thirty seconds to get through the timeline and find quest locations. I leveled a new alt to 80, a second ranger... I wanted a Norn and just felt like playing one for kicks, and then I ended up leveling her all the way to 80. I had a lot of fun doing so, she will take up most of my playtime I think, plus she looks so cool, I love the racial armor. I adore making alts in GW2, the old areas are the best. Not a huge fan of the new zones, they feel so confining, many beautiful areas to explore but I miss the more open zones. I have heard PoF will be more open and have larger areas and I hope that is the case. I did want to try the beta weekends, and there is a stress test coming up but I figure I will wait until it gets here on launch day, I already have enough to do.

GW2 also turned five this year. Happy Anniversary GW2! There are some really nice skins for weapons this year, you get to pick two. It was a tough choice but I am happy with what I picked (staff and great sword. There is a nice boost to level 50 included in the gift, I don't know which alt to use it on. I am holding on, because I might start up another alt and I wanted to actually get through some more of this expansion before the next hits, heh.

On another note, this month marks eight years of blogging here. It feels so long ago, I remember how different things were in life, lots of changes but here the blog still sits, getting updates, less than I like but I find myself more tired and a little bit lazier every year, lol. Here is to another year of blogging, because I do enjoy it, I love to look back and my screenshots and read my thoughts and see how they change. Most of all I still like to share and appreciate readers who still stop by to read.

Also my family is in Houston, with all this rain, I've been a bit worried, especially when I realized my brother moved only a mere few miles between both the Barker and Addicks Reservoirs, my mom less than ten miles from them. Thankfully the rain has let up and they are not in any areas where they are in danger. I do feel for all those in Houston, it floods so easily there, one thing I don't miss. It is heartwarming to see all the people pulling together, people helping with boat rescues and I hope things get back to normal sooner than later. It is also great to see companies like Bungie  giving profits to help fund relief.

That's it for today, safe adventures!

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