Friday, July 21, 2017

Eye Candy: Summer Fun

Plenty of fun to be had while staying cool, whew it is hot outside this week!! Summerfest is here for Rift. With the patch and the event there is SO much to do! Sharing some shots today from Yonder, DDO and Rift. Have a great weekend, stay cool!

A toasty marshmallow weapon skin and new carriage outfit in Rift for the summer event. Love these to bits!

Exploring some new areas in DDO. Such a nicely paced game, so relaxing to play.

A kitty with wings! Non combat pets can do tricks and wear cute little items in this game. Just a cute little tidbit of flavor.

Yay! Summerfest is here! I was checking to see if it was live yet and *poof* it magically appeared a few minutes later.
Doing some summer fishing while my corgi hides under my dress...

Wander is such a treat to play. It is different than most of my games and I sometimes find myself wondering if I fall will I take damage, lol. No dying, no bad guys attacking me, no falling to a death here.

A new farm! Apparently you can also plant items on the farm, which I have yet to do. You need to accumulate different professions to make things for the farm. Learning as I go.

I could really get lost here. I have not had much trouble getting lost though, I always find my way home to my animals.

New clothes, summer duds... Just in time for winter? The seasons change, which is really cool. My character shivers when it snows, lol.

I always have a trusty umbrella pop out when I think I may fall to my death.

Woah! Always something interesting to see!


  1. One of these days I'll have to give DDO another try, it's been years since I last played.

    1. It was a looong time since I last played too! I had a lot of fun logging back in and rerolling. Some 'new' classes to play with, but I don't have a sub, still want to try them out!

  2. I'd like to take the power of thanking you for that specialized guidance I've constantly enjoyed viewing your blog.




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