Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Norrathian Travels (EQ)

Since starting on the new Agnarr server, we also decided to make a couple of alts on our home server. I suppose those alts on Agnarr will have to wait a while for us to get back to them, while the server is nice, the players there for Krono really seem to be taking a toll on the nostalgic feeling of the server economy. I am hoping they wade back to the waters they came from, sooner than later. Not the biggest reason not to play there full time but time restraints kick in and sometimes it is easier to log into the home server with all the comforts of modern EQ.

What is nice about going back and playing on the modern servers is that there are so many interesting places to go. Dire and I have taken turns picking out zones we want to visit, loving this part. We have not been rushing through the levels but they seem to roll in quickly as a duo and that ding, time for new spells, feeling is always nice. He is a shaman, I rolled mage again. I think I have about four of them spread across accounts. In some games it is nice to just do it all over, I even have one with several epics, which is nice but I can always do them again for something exciting to do. Dire keeps mentioning getting them started.

Returning to slay some monsters in LoY.

I decked out a guild hall this week. It is just the two of us in our guild, easier that way. I get to decorate and we have easy access to portals. We were in a guild but were removed from inactivity, which I was glad because some of the members grated on my nerves, always wanting to tag along and basically mooch xp with multiple alts on auto follow. I eventually had enough and quit playing, but still complained to Dire how he ruined my EQ and eventually he quit too. Anyhow, things are nice with the current duo, all seems to be golden. I enjoy grouping, but actually grouping with real people, not boxes, people working together. Agnarr was awesome for this! But, there is only so much time and grouping takes up a lot. I love to just log in late at night and just go wherever we want.

The poster child of GoD. Why...? GoD the stain on my fantasy.

Last night we went to an expansion era, which I still cringe at to this day: Gates of Discord, otherwise known as the guild breaker. I hate that expansion. While it is fine now, it still has a lot of all around bad memories. And the art is terribly gross. Dog like creatures with old man faces, a lot of black leather and chains on these creatures, the whole expansion had that Pin Head vibe to it. Very disturbing. But we had a good time joking and making fun of the mobs, as creepy as they are. We should be done with that stuff tonight, hopefully, as two zones there in that nasty and horrible place are hotzones currently. It is good xp.

Luclin, now that was a good expansion! I love most of these zones.

We should hit 60 tonight or tomorrow, sitting at 58 when we logged out last night. All around it has been fun and nostalgic checking out zones again, we even went to sebs. We got to see Disco, hunt a few named, Dire even scored a lammy, which made him so happy. Nostalgic stuff.

I like the pace of EQ these days. it is very relaxing. I like the old school playstyle, I like the pick and choose where to go aspect. I even like not questing. We found that tank mercs seem better than we ever remembered up until the mid 50's, then I switched to a cleric to balance things out. All in all it has been one of the most laid back games I have played in a long time. It trumps WoW's nagging and needy expansion that pushed me away. Do this to get that, do this even if you don't feel like it, if you want that. Blah, blah, blah. How about I just do what I want.

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