Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Good Times In May

EQ2, one game I can always come back and fly without issue!

Recently EQ2 had double xp, then triple xp after some issues and longer than expected downtime, I couldn't complain. I ended up working on some alts, I also made a character on the new-ish free trade server. It is a server that is only accessible as a subscriber. I found a nice guild there and the server as a whole seems decent, though less populated than others. It suits me just fine. I have almost all my characters, except a few floating around, on Antonia Bayle. I made a character on the new server when it went live then let it wait until I was ready to play there. It took some time to finally jump in there though.

Flame retardant robe, a magician's best friend-- Or conjurer, as we call them in EQ2.

EQ2 is giving out a free lvl 100 boost, while it is great, I still have a lot of catching up to do with the boosted character. I don't much mind, but sometimes I just want something mundane to do and I find myself pulling up the wiki on a regular basis, for a location. But, when I get burnt out I just go play something else and come back later. I still have fun, I just get fatigued from it all. I think I sometimes prefer to blow through old dungeons with my alts, it is relaxing. Rinse and repeat, lol. I don't know if I'll ever finish the new xpac, lol.

Cats! I keep bring them home.

WoW, I am still playing it. Dire is back in full swing and I just do not feel like working on the achievement for flying. Everything else I find really fun. But flying! I trudged through it last expansion, not liking the whole deal. Same thing this time around. I think this evening I will sit down and knock out some of it, just because I always do. Why stop now? I really thought hard about cancelling my sub, I suppose if Dire was not playing I would. I even thought about playing a fresh alt up, but then I would feel that much further behind. So, most days I just put it off and play something else. Tonight, maybe tonight I will...

Sometimes the stories are great to play again just for the scenes.

The exact opposite of how I play in EQ2 is SWTOR, always making it into current content with multiple alts. I think the most I have played out of anything this month is SWTOR. Not that there are tons of new things to do like WoW's world quest and invasions. We did get a new chapter recently, which I played through in like an hour on my first play through. It was decent, just short. It also opened up a new daily area, which is good, more stuff to do. But as for things to do? Mainly there is always something to log in and do, quests show up on map, they hand out tons of credits, I get shiny boxes to open and sometimes I get something really cool. It is easy to hop in and get going, travel is swift, I don't have to jump through hoops, and if I am in a huge rush on an alt, I just skip through cut-scenes (shhh!). All in all it is just great. Me and one of my loyal companions following me, healing me, as I go about the galaxy amassing my fortune and stuffing my bank with goodies. I actually love playing alts, though I do try to stick with one or two mains these days. Which is ironic as they are the opposing class on different factions, light and dark reflections, both have a different feel with different specs.

Creepy but lovely.

I still log into Rift almost daily. Send out my minions, sell items, maybe place some objects in my dimensions, get sucked into decorating on occasion. That is about it. I am waiting on the new area to be released and I hope it is sooner than later, it is kind of feeling like Warlords of Draenor did before the new island. They had a free expansion weekend, I already had it, but it was still cool. I ended up getting a cute little deer pet.

EverQuest, the first one, is releasing a new server at the end of May. It is more of a classic/nostalgic server with all of my favorite expansions. It will go from original to Kunark, Velious, LoY, LDoN, PoP and  also Luclin. Those are the best of the best. I do wish I could have a merc, but I highly doubt it. I will be making a character there on day one. It will be a time locked server, so it will follow a schedule to unlock expansions. I don't know if I will play there all that much but currently it sounds pretty cool and I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out. Now I just have to decide what class to make as my main there. Necromancer probably, or maybe a magician. Hrmm, how about an enchanter? I have some thinking to do on it. I will probably roll a necro, lol.

Some shots from SWTOR:

EQ2 Some shots of the two room Qeynos inn room that I re-skinned:

New familiar pet dragon, isn't he happy looking, lol.


  1. What's that huge window in the Qeynos room? I didn't think any of those homes had outside views.

    1. I use paintings, worked into windows or frames to simulate an outside view :)

    2. Ah I wondered if that was what it was! It's very effective. I might have a go at that.

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