Friday, May 26, 2017

Adventures On Agnarr (EverQuest)

A quiet moment away from all the bustle...

Now that we've gotten past the initial launch day rush, the new EQ progression server is going pretty smoothly.  Zones are packed,  corpses lay as far as the eye can see,  like forgotten toys,  as the players rush to the next mob. Starting cities are jam packed, which is so nice to see again. This far, the server is very popular

Dire and I made a duo, he's a druid while I'm playing a mage. So far it's going well, we sit at level five! XP is very slow. Money is good, if you know what sells. The drop rate seems still much higher than it was back in the day. I'm playing a necro on the side, should hit level six soon. I'm farming money with her to fund spells and other things we need, it's going quite well.

Making our way to the Commonlands, or as we remember it, the EC Tunnel. Hence this blog's name! 

Overall it's slow and simple.  I like being back in those old zones I love.  And this server locks with all of my favorite expansions.  I think we'll be very happy here for a long time.  I hope to get research started to begin making spells,  but that's still a ways off.  It's almost like starting over but with years and years of knowledge,  which gives more of an edge.  I like knowing what my goals are,  what to work towards. It's not for everyone, but it is almost perfect for us.

People everywhere in newbie land!

I saw there is a necro in the mid 40s already, I expect soon we will already have max level characters this weekend, not even a week into it. This weekend all servers,  this one included,  have a bonus holiday XP weekend. It's kind of nice,  but still why race so fast is my opinion.  I suppose there will always be those people who love to race to the top. I hope to get there before Kunark unlocks,  even if I only get one there,  it's a nice expansion to play alts through.

Crossing through Commonlands, I can't stop wanting to say East Common Lands, corpses strewn everywhere.

I expect ups and downs.  Our first night we died several times making our way to the Commonlands,  but we still had a good time.  It's fun,  it's slow,  it's full of memories,  and we're making new ones,  enjoying the ride.

Sand giant's in the distance. I saw a necro kiting one yesterday, on day two. Today I saw someone trying to run it to the guards.

Some tips while I am thinking about it. /pick will let you change into the same 'zone instance', which we had to do upon starting as we were in two different ones. You can also use this to find a less populated one. In your guild hall area, of your starting area, you will find an upgraded tunic for a few plat, with some meager stats. It would be on one of the vendors close by in the area, look for the unlimited quantity items. Hand in your note to your guild master upon creating a character, you will get your first chest item, it will give you a little bit of AC. You can bind at soul binders in cities, there is one in the 'EC' or Commonlands tunnel. They are enabled already on the server. You can use /find or the find button to find spell vendors, zone lines, soul binders and so on. It works here too, something to keep in mind. Zam has a great page for looking up what spells you need, it tells where to get them, also shows which are from classic and so on, you can find it here. There is a another  good tool for spells, which I found on the forums, you can find it here. That's it for today! Safe adventures!

*Edit; Maps! I had a hard time finding working maps, so passing this on, if you need working maps you can download Goodurn's map pack here. Found them on the official forums here.

Medding by the lift, a nice safe place.

Dire and I making the trek across the ocean. Oh, and Translocators work here too.

/hidec all and /hidec looted are good to keep in mind.

Medding up.

So nice to be back in Neriak!

My old stomping grounds... where I got stomped on quite regularly, heh.

Yeah, those ghouls are still pretty nasty! I am guessing maybe people punched them to get out faster.

Back in the classic when I played you saw people in Neriak Third gate, but that was 17 years ago, right before Kunark. Nice to see people in the cities!

I love the starting cities, I always thought they were so cool.

The nice thing about all these people? So many interesting things to watch while medding up, lol. No books to stare at this time around!

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