Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Favorite Things

Sometimes, for me, sitting down to my favorite MMO games is like snuggling into my favorite blanket on a rainy day. So much has been going on, my little pup was sick over the weekend, a really terrible vet made things worse. She is now much better, at home. Dire has had some health issues show pop up (nothing serious) and... you know how it is. Sometimes just nice to sit down to one of my favorite games and just snuggle in and relax after a stressful day. It is something I have to look forward to, like watching a favorite program. And BTW much ❤ to Massively OP for mentioning
me today! Always makes my day.

In EQ2, I had a lot of fun doing the Brewday quests, gathering items for my houses. Chronoportals are coming up tomorrow actually. I LOVE these, so I am excited to gather more fun items. I cannot get enough of EQ2's holidays. Slowly crawling my necro to level 100, no rush to actually get to the cap, as I don't play seriously enough to even care about all the stuff there. If I did start.. I'd be rather far behind the curve. But being that I am so terribly casual I still find plenty to do and enjoy it. I think it is the holidays that keep me engaged the most. If I wander off, another one pops up to draw me back. Those I appreciate so very much, that the team keeps on adding new things each year.

In Rift I am trying to patiently wait for the next game update, it was pushed back from 3/1 to 3/31. Which really there is not all that much to do. I am going back and working on quests and things for achievements. Which is not bad, I just really want to get to the new stuff, I am trying to be patient!

I was playing last week and Dead Simon was spawning giant dinosaurs in a few zones, murdering everyone. It was a lot of fun and I really appreciated the novelty of it, something you rarely see in a modern MMO there days; GMs interacting with the community in-game. It was great and we got a cool title just for taking part in it. I think different GMs were doing it through the week, I really think it was a fantastic way to liven things up. While Trion is a bit behind on the schedule for new content in Rift, it still seems this team really is trying to keep things fun and interesting and I appreciate it. People asked for more polish, and that's what they are doing. I think the addition of Brasse was excellent, she is so enthusiastic and really seems to touch base with the the players. She is awesome and I love having her with Rift.

I also started Path of Exile with my son, but I am not playing all that much. Sometimes I get so tired it is hard to think so I do enjoy playing with him, showing me around, where to go. But he is so far ahead of me because I play so little, ugh. He did make an alt to play with my character. We also got a rare chest items with all connected slots, yay! So many games out there, so little time!

WoW has been the least played game this month. I think it comes down to just feeling so stagnant with my mains. The same quests, the whole orderhall deal, quests to unlock them all. Too much change to the classes for me to really connect with them for the long term. But I am enjoying it still in bite sized play times. I try to log on for a few each day when Dire plays, that is about it. Nothing really new though, slogging through on alts, ignoring my mains. The usual.

I have not even had time to pick back up on Revelation Online. I plan on it in the future though. With the Chrono event in EQ2 and then the Rift update behind that. I will have to set aside some time and hop back into it. Have a great rest of the week!

Finishing things up in Starfall until the update. 
New mount from an achievement, love it! 

Dead Simon is going to kill us all! 
Tiny tea party.

My 'Stranger Things' dimension, more pics in my next post. Rift is one of the best places to really create awesome scenes.

Visiting the Village of Shin, love this place.

Another house in EQ2 I am working on, a real Kunark feeling to it. Building my own house, because that's more fun, right?!

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