Thursday, January 5, 2017

Landmark, Another One Bites The Dust

Earlier this evening I received an email and noticed with a quick glance my phone showed it was from Daybreak Games, titled Important Information Regarding Landmark. My first thought was correct, shutdown. I figured this was the case, as the development has really been slow and it seems most of the attention to the game died when EQNext was canned. Not really surprised but still sad. At this point I am also a bit annoyed, what's next on the chopping block?

Not to kick a dog when it is down, but as a player, these days I wonder what is next to go from the DBG lineup. I loved Vanguard, which was sunset in 2014. I still miss that game. I also bought a lifetime subscription to Free Realms, which was a sweet casual game and also sunset in 2014. Talk about a bad year. Dragon's Prophet I liked, never knew why they took this game under their wing because it just seemed to struggle like an orphan with the company. It was also sunset the following year in 2015. I have read there is a publisher running it in the EU, so there is still that. There have been several more but those are just the ones I favored. Oh and don't forget Legends of Norrath.

If you really want a full list you can look here, which really was a bit surprising when I remembered a lot of these games.Granted that some of these were IP rights issues, like SWG, and others went down when the company was under the name SOE. I have been with this company as a player, a customer since it was Verant Interactive, later Sony Online Entertainment and now Daybreak games. It concerns me, while it is an old company that has changed hands and people over the years, I am starting to get a little concerned.

DBG is now going to publish LoTRO and DDO but Asheron's Call being shut down in the process of this transition. Not saying this has to do with DBG but it is indirectly it would seem. That's a really old game, seventeen years. There is GoFundMe currently for AC resurrection by players. I really feel for them. I also sort of wonder the future of all these titles.

I am never happy to see a game sunset, to see a company struggle, to see people lose jobs and see players lose a community, a game world they love. So this always pains me to hear, it is always bad news. Even before these announcements I have had some concern with DBG games I have been active with on a more regular basis. When I have concerns about these things it stems from worry of the direction things are going; How it will affect longevity and player retention. I'm a simple blogger writing concerns in my little corner of the world because these games are my passion, my hobby. It is what I do. But how many people that don't write, don't post on the forums, or do not share concerns, how many of those silently walk away?

At this point I don't have high hopes. I think EQ and EQ2 will be the last ones standing. I think LoTRO will be competition for these games, just as Vanguard was, the ignored orphan of a game it became. I cannot help my reservations I feel with this partnership. I do wish it well, but reality is what it is.

Back to the present, with Landmark. I think this game had so much potential. I had hoped that EQN would be a real thing, instead we were left with a skeleton of a game that felt not even half finished. Just really sad to see all this work go down the drain like so many others. The game has not even officially been launched for a year. Truly sad to see all that wasted potential.

I feel a cold shoulder from developers in the direction my games have taken, the ongoing lack of real communication, and when there is any on the forums it seems so disjointed and hostile. The December producer's letter... Could you even call it that? I can't go on because I have already said most of this and sound like a broken record at this point.

R.I.P. Landmark.

Video below from EQOAnostalgia.


  1. I think this news means the opposite of doom and gloom. What DBG have been doing (or really what Columbus Nova have been doing I guess) is taking a realistic look at the products they have and the potential for those products going forward, then making rational business decisions based on their findings. SOE never did that. They never had to because Big Sony paid all their bills, win or lose. Had SOE been managed as well as DBG appears to be being managed now Sony might never have needed, or wanted, to sell it in the first place.

    As a player of EQ, EQ2 and DCUO I feel much more secure now than I did in the last two or three years of SOE. Those games are finally getting the coherent, appropriate development they deserve and are all the better for it. I'm optimistic that we will see stronger new development at some point too.

    Read the EQ2 Wire piece on Landmark closing if you haven't already. That has a lot of background that sheds light on what was going on and why this is the right decision.

    1. I saw that on eq2 wire, very interesting stuff. Not a huge fan of him though, since he left a rude comment here not so long ago, heh. So I no longer link his posts.

      After 17 years of dealing with the junk this company ( in it's many forms) has thrown our way, have to say I have no illusions or hope of a bright future. I may sound harsh, but frankly I'm tired of it.

      I follow eq2 very closely and I have to disagree on development. I don't like the direction it's going in. Gating, bloated and out of control stat inflation, forcing crafting to be tied to epics. It's just not very fun when you get down to it. Especially if you have a lot of alts.

      I wish I had your optimism, I know you've played a long time too. For me though I just can't see it anymore. Only time will tell. I do wish to see the games do well, as I love them still. I just don't have much love for DBG at the moment.

    2. My comment was about how difficult it was to read 2 pages of ALL CAPS and entire paragraphs of RED TEXT. I see my comments had a lasting impression, but no real benefit. Sorry that I tell it like it is. :(

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  3. Really, Feldon, you felt the need to post twice, within minutes. I'm honored you take the time of day from white knighting DBG to school me in the art of blogging. Charming as always.

    Thanks for proving my point for the first comment.

    1. If you think I posted that second comment, you're out of your mind. And I could literally post a fake naked picture of Smedley and people would accuse me of "white knighting". Meanwhile every time I write an article even remotely critical of Daybreak, I get e-mails from them. I get hate from both sides.

  4. I'm honored you think me Feldon, but honestly, your site looks awful. It's an eyesore. From the colors, to the font, to the layout. It's just hideous. You need to go back to the college where you took that Intro to Web Design class, and either ask for your money back, or take the advanced class.

  5. I'm honoured that you think me Feldon. But honestly, you're site is such an eyesore. From the colours, to the font, to the layout. You need to go back to the uni you took that Intro to Web Design class at, and either ask for your money back, or take and advanced class. Cause damn. Black on grey is just 'What Not To Do 101'. Also, comic sans? What, are you 12?

  6. I'm honoured that you think me Feldon. But honestly, you're site is such an eyesore. From the colours, to the font, to the layout. You need to go back to the uni you took that Intro to Web Design class at, and either ask for your money back, or take and advanced class. Cause damn. Black on grey is just 'What Not To Do 101'. Also, comic sans? What, are you 12?

  7. That's fine and dandy. I've never been rude or insulted you personally, so I do not understand why you choose to keep commenting here if I offend you so much. I have always been a huge fan of your site, I'm sorry if you disagree with my topics and don't like my blog.

    No reason to be rude to me though :(

  8. Feldon if you DON'T like her Blog or posts then don't read them or stay away from her page!
    The world is made of inconsiderate people like you! I find her blog quite informative and genuine.
    Go and waste someone else's time!

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