Thursday, December 8, 2016

Eye Candy, This And That

I decided to poke my head back into WoW and spend some more time in Legion. I had plenty of plat sitting there and decided to use it on a game time token. Nice being back, tons of stuff to do.

Lots of beautiful places while questing in the world. I just always seem to stay so busy when I am on, truly a very well packed expansion in terms of things to do and staying busy. I rarely seem to have time to head back to town.

Some unicorn taking a drink by the water. Just a nice shot I took on a whim, sure wish my hunter could tame one of those beauties!

Heading to the DMF to do some fishing!

I caught enough fish to buy this water mount, it is pretty awesome! 500 fishes worth of fun!

A little place to rest I found while wandering around chasing nodes and flowers. Love these little hidden places.

Really enjoying the warlock, so much that I barely seem to be able to log an alt on for long.

Still playing Rift! Having fun decorating and building in my dimensions. This is another I started not too long ago.

My garden room, this was so fun to make.

Another dim I am working on, it is one I built in a really beautiful area, where you look out the windows but remain inside. Has a nice cozy feel to it Still a WIP.

A place to catch some zzzzz'z

Working on adding some of the outdoors... inside, heh.

Dining area. I rarely eat though... I have a fairy to heal me!

Another shot of the sitting area once I added some trees, it has a neat vibe in game.

I adore this mount! Rift has so many cool mounts, wish they were a bit easier to obtain. I am now broke, lol.

Land shark?

Looks like the level 70 zone that will be added in the future. For now it is blocked off. Can't wait until it is released!

Just a lovely shot while traveling around.

For my birthday, last week, I hunted down the mats and created this beautiful dimension key. 

Entrance. Trying to add a fantasy feeling with trees and portals, rocks, flowers and so on.

I just love the castle in the background, so gloomy and awesome looking.

A new pet. The SFP factions all offer pets at decorated, I am trying to snag them all. This guy is just too cute.

It's beginning to look like Frostfell!

I may have my dislikes about things in EQ2 and get disgruntled about certain aspects, but I have to say the holidays are some of the best in any MMO. Why can't the Frostfell zone stay at this beautiful night setting all the time! Much easier on the eyes than sun covered blinding snow. 

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