Friday, September 16, 2016

Legion Thoughts

Legion has been out a little over two weeks. I hit 100 on my main within five days, that Sunday after release. A nice leisurely pace for my first, and possibly only 100, this expansion. Here's what I think so far about Legion.

I really did enjoy the quests and story, going through the areas, picking which zone to start out with. My class choice of warlock felt good, didn't have any trouble at all questing, still don't. I will just get to my main beef with this expansion, which is too many dungeons needed to complete the story, the order hall, the artifacts, the everything. At first it was okay, very short queues, now it is up to 40+ minutes (my longest wait as dps was an hour) just to get in. While they are lovely, there is too much trash, they feel slow and drag out. It didn't feel like the right place to put them, into the scheme of leveling. Each zone has a dungeon to do at the end of the story line. Then the order halls have them tied in as well, some classes need to only run two for the OH quest line, others (such as druid), need five. For now, I will not be leveling any alts anytime soon. I used to love to run dungeons, now I am just sick of them and want to play casually while leveling, by the time I hit 100, I was sick of these dungeons. 

With that out of the way, I think there are a lot of good changes and additions. The world quests are very neat, basically quests all over the zones for you to pick and choose. Sometimes there are some great rewards, there are always rewards though. They consist of OH points, money, gear, materials, artifact boosting tokens and so on. There are certain factions to do four of a kind, each day. So there is some direction in a way. Sometimes you really start to notice the lack of flying with all this travel. The one nice addition is a whistle with a five minute cool down, it ports you to the nearest flight path. That helps out a bit with travel. It doesn't make up for a lack of the flying feature though, which still bugs me, as I busted my tail for that in TBC, my epic flying took forever to save up for.

The world is beautiful, Val Sharah and Suramar are my favorites. Some of the zones feel as if they are mocking my lack of flight, like High Mountain, where I ran up and down way too many winding paths. There is more to do than the last expansion offered, more planned in the next patch 7.1, so it is exciting to see new life being breathed in this ol' game! The stories, once again, they are really good. The progressing story of Illidan, especially if you played a demon hunter as a bonus, it is cool to see it unfold. 

I really like the artifact weapons, they do have a more epic feeling with the stories tied to them. I have seen different interactions with NPC's and them, making a comment about a powerful weapon. Very cool all around. Working on them at your own pace, out in the world, or doing dungeons for big chunks, the choice is great to have. I think they have turned out nicely. I would like to level up two of them but I still have a lot to do on the first one. I give them a thumbs up, some are cooler looking than others, the color changes are great though.

Professions require dungeon runs and quest chains. I am just glad I took up gathering on the character I started on, it has been very good money. It still sends me to a dungeon for a gathering quest chain too. I think the professions took a huge turn away from the ease that WoD offered, which isn't a bad thing. I like making money off materials again! I have more money than I have ever had just sitting there accumulating, so it is a nice feeling.

I like this expansion, I am excited to see the additions that the developers have been talking about. There is definitely a lot to do and keep busy with. I've even meandered into the Underbelly a few times, lol. I've killed a few bosses, which is neat, have't died thus far. I think things look pretty good overall.

The Underworld, a quest chain where you get 'stuck' there.


Adventure awaits.

Love the clouds in the distance.

Beautiful city behind the gates.

Quest chain within the Order Hall.

I wish hunters could tame these lovely unicorns.

A masquerade.

City of Elves.

Leaving the city.

So realistic! lol

A lovely view.

I could get lost here... In a good way.

Not for long!

Doing some gardening, lol.


S.E.L.F.I. E. Time!

Illidan and Malfurian, the Stormrage brothers. 

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