Friday, March 18, 2016

Black Desert Shots

I've been dabbling around with Black desert online. Busy these days but I had to try this one out. Housing, sandbox elements and a really awesome character creator. SO much to learn, especially while playing it on the side. But plenty to do! 

Final character after toying around with the creator. With the classes it is sometimes hard to pull away from the base look of each class. I was pretty happy with the hair choices and colors!

Creepy little character who guides me through parts of the games.

A horse! Horses are cool in this game as the really feel like mounts. You have to dismount and leave them, which allows them to be attacked by monsters. Best to leave them on the path. I've only had mine die once so far though.  Was very exciting to buy my first horse. There is an easy quest for a donkey, which I had yet to get at the time.

An alt I made, I really haven't done much besides play my tamer to 20.

Really want to change my hair color to white... but not dropping cash down on changing the color anytime soon!

My kitteh! Love the pets in this game, I have a dog and cat so far, which loot for me. So awesome and cute!

Fishing! Still getting the hang of this stuff. On everything really, lol.
I can't wait to see how the rest of the game looks, still in the beginning towns, I guess the only way to get there is to get leveling!
So adorable how the cat rides on the mount with me, lil pup following!

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