Friday, December 18, 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

So much to do so little time! So many neat holiday events, it is always so hard to pick which games to enjoy when the holiday events roll around. I always look forward to the holidays in MMO games. This year I'm trying not to balance too much though, just so I can enjoy those I am taking part in. Which are the most intriguing to you this year?

First off for me is Neverwinter. It is a fun event, I've only taken part once before. Neverwinter has turned into a winter wonderland, with a gorgeous sky that is dark, cold and full of sparkly goodness. In the holiday zone there are many events to jump into. Monsters on ice is new this year- It is exactly how it sounds, killing monsters on ice, with a whole bunch of other people. Quite fun. Fishing on the ice, easy and laid back. Races, not my favorite but it is cool and easy, no combat needed. I just have a lot of Mario Cart flashbacks... heh.

Dire actually hit 70 this week. He's passed me. I've been playing a few alts, mainly working on my Hunter Ranger, which I really like. I'm in no rush to get to end game but I do sort of feel bad for not catching up as fast as I could, so when double xp hits next week, I'll be working on catching up to him so we can do some end game content together.

Last weekend we had call to arms for a skirmish. I had a lot of fun doing these, making a bit of astral diamonds and netting myself a Flame Sprite Companion, as well as a flashy cosmetic bow. These skirmishes were fast and fun but still rewarding. I will definitely take place in future call to arms events! As for the Winter Festival, there are cosmetic items such as weapons, scarves, a neat snowflake cloak, sled mounts and companions. Much to do and collect!

I had the urge to log into EQ2's Frostfell, especially after reading about it on Inventory Full. I always try to take part in this event, it is my favorite. Logging in felt like being back home. I ended up rolling a new character on an older server (which is now merged, but my old characters still sit there). It's been a lot of fun. I still need the new expansion, so leveling an alt will give me something to do until I get it.

There is so much to do for Frostfell, and I really am itching to decorate a Halas house with all these Christmas decorations! It has been keeping me busy. Frostfell Wonderland is as lovely as ever, full of rainbows, presents and the gorgeous sky at night. I wish it was always eve there, as the day sky glares on the snow, blinding me and causing me to squint. The evening sky is so much nicer, causes the whole place to just really pop, instead of blending together in one blinding glare. I've taken so many screenshots, I can't post them all here today, lol.

I'm working on a conjurer, which is basically the magician from [the first] EQ. It is an interesting class and I play it as is fun for me. For now I have a hydromancer pet, since I am too low to use the scout pet. It tanks fine and heals me, which is great at the lower levels. I use an enchanter merc, one of the newer mercenaries to date. He does great damage and keeps my mana pool flowing, I love that! For now things work for me like this. It is nice to experiment with different play styles. I'm having a blast and it feels good being back. Plus, I have a real friendly guild which is always nice to log in and see. The people in this game always are so great, in most cases. I enjoy the community here more than most games these days. It's nice to have so many options and a dungeon to work on this holiday season, going at my own pace this holiday season.

Trove added a new class this week! It's the Chloromancer. A spin-off of the Rift class. All you need to do is log into Rift (or go through the tutorial if you don't have a character there) and run to the NPC in the main city: Chloromancer Evor. The class does 'the sprinkler' for it's /dance emote, which made me literally LOL. So far I've only played to level 8, but I really thought it was good fun. Today I read there will be a nerf, due to PvP, so I am not sure how much that will rain on my parade... I have all the classes currently in Trove and I'd say this is one of my favorites thus far. Snowfest is going on, I grabbed a few patterns that dropped. I hope to get a mount too. But I am only poking in here and there to kill some time when I only have a few minutes, which Trove is great at! I always feel like a kid again playing Trove, it is such a whimsical and neat game.

Rift has it's annual Winter/Christmas event going on, but I have really only logged in to decorate lately, the last time I popped in was to grab the quest for Trove. Wildstar also has an event, which looks awesome, so I will have to make an effort to pop in and check it out. WoW has a new mount and pet this year, as well as garrison decorations, I feel bad for missing out in a way but not enough to really do to sub back at this point. This year I can at least poke in on a low level character for free. Something cool just to pop in for today though, the guards in SW and Org are donning Lightsabers in honor of SW: The Force Awakens. A cute nod towards the movie today!

Anything else I am going to have to pass on this year, besides logging in for a look and screenshots, if it is F2P. Already so much to do and I have a lot of things I am working on for Christmas IRL... Need more energy and time! What's your favorite things this year for the Christmas season? There are so many awesome events out there this year!

Enjoy the shots!



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