Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Stuffz

Christmas has come and gone, thus I've been pretty busy. I did get to poke into a few Christmas events and grab some sweet holiday loot. I'm still working though collecting a few more things! I didn't get too much in the way of gaming gifts, but I got pretty much the only stand alone game I really wanted but had been holding off on. I spent a lot of time creating some gifts this year, which always cuts into gaming.

One of my favorite gifts was Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. I absolutely LOVE this game. I love the AC games even though I don't play as much as I used to because of the issues with logging in at certain times. Sometimes I forget and then I keep forgetting, lol. But the Happy Home Designer is cool because you can do as much as you want and keep playing or pick up more later. The design elements are smoother and really polished up. It's a lot of fun for someone like me who loves MMO housing. A decorators dream!

We also got some gaming related stuff, someone grabbed me a box copy of EQ2: Destiny of Velious simply because they know I collect game boxes. That was really cool and it was only a dollar! Another neat gift was WoW Trivial Pursuit. Which was a lot of fun to play. The game has changed a tad since the printing of this, some questions are now changed, things like which pet cannot be tamed by a hunter. The answer is hydra, but that has since changed. Tons of lore questions, which can be tough! Overall it was fun. The hubby and son have also played WoW for years so all of us had a lot of fun playing it, this was a really cool gift from my brother.

I tried to grab as much double xp in EQ2 as I could, getting my new conjy a bit under 40. I had fun though, even if it goes slow I still enjoy playing. There is always something for me to do, no matter if it is a short time or a longer playing session. I hope to get the expansion next month, still waiting on that. The oil industry has been hit hard this year, that's Dire's line of work, so not the best time for spending excess on games :( I really wanted the ToT CE for Christmas, but I just couldn't ask for that this year.

Neverwinter is still our main game together. It was cool this year to get some fun mounts from the festivities in game. I managed to get a sled and a starry panther mount. Very fun, but slow, they need to be upgraded. For now they are just fun to ride around on for a change! I hope to hit 50 today with the hunter ranger, just shy of it, before double xp ends. There are free items to claim all this week, today is an xp booster, that will surely help!

I popped into GW2 briefly. I really want that Dolly pet, I miss it each year! I didn't get it though, I haven't played in quite awhile anyhow. My son is playing now though. I've asked him so many times to join me and he picks when I am on a hiatus! He is on a free account though, and has hit a lot of really annoying issues. Plus, he doesn't get any cool login rewards and he won't just use my account. He wants to pick up HoT soon, because the base free game is very limited in some ways. I logged on and did a few hearts and events with him, it was good. He seems to really like it so far though.

One thing I got this holiday wasn't really a Christmas item, but a nice surprise- Rift now has a Trove themed Peaceful Hills Dimension. You can acquire this by hitting level five in Trove, very easy to obtain. I can't wait to decorate it, though I have no idea what to do with this dimension! It is a cool little bit of flavor I appreciated, as I really love both of these games!

I didn't get much crafting done for winter in-game events but I did manage quite a lot of RL crafting! I did quite a lot of crocheting for gifts, such as 3DS cases, which seemed so handy that I had to make myself one too! I do hope the gifts were liked, it is always hard to tell how much people really like things that are handcrafted. I had fun making them. That's it for today, sharing some thoughts on the holiday. How was your Christmas holiday in or out of game?

Another gift, a soft winter scarf... finally some weather to wear it. The weather has been in the 80's until today!

ACNL and Dr.Who TARDIS 3DS cases.

Not a big fan of snowy zones, but when they take on a purple hue, I love that!


Starry Panther mount!

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