Monday, May 11, 2015

Landmark FINALLY!

I've been waiting a long time for the last character wipe to hit Landmark, that day finally hit last week! I poke in here and there to see updates but haven't really wanted to mess around until things seemed more permanent. I have been so excited for a game like this. When the first alpha came about to purchase the game my old computer had trouble running the game and I ended up getting a new machine just to be able to run Landmark decently. So, finally getting the chance to feel like I can jump in and get my feet wet without losing progress, I thought I'd share my thoughts.

I've never built anything in Landmark, though I do build ingame and outside of Second Life with some very easy to use tools, I prefer organic type tools as I am just a mess with most 3D programs. So jumping into Landmark to build was pretty much a dream for me. The potential is amazing. I am so extremely impressed. I have much, much, much to learn and I am taking everything slow. I decided to grab two claims in different biomes to try my hand at different types of structures. I think I may pick up some more claims so I can grab some more land in a forest type area. I have a lot to learn but it seems each day I learn more. While I can build, I still don't have enough experience to build anything amazing for now. I learned to make a roof, there's a few different ways to do so, using the line tool or copy and pasting. I watch a lot of tutorials for things I can't figure out, do a fair bit of reading as well. My first attempt does look like a roof though it is a bit messy still. But I made a roof, after much hard work and getting totally frazzled because I can't always figure things out and need to watch videos.

So yeah, the building is amazing. There isn't anything IMO that can touch it, this game has so much potential for building, I really hope DBG realizes this. The combat still needs some work I think. It is very action based and doesn't seem to fit into the whole scheme of the game as it is. The mobs have a ton of hitpoints and take far too long to kill in the deeper levels. Also the surface is devoid of any mobs, which makes it feel a tad lifeless. As mostly all I see are the starter houses that you can pick from once you start the game. I put one down and then removed it as I am playing to learn more about building my own structures. It didn't settle flat and looked terribly silly anyhow.

The world is pretty but there are way too many barren places still, many hills where we could use more flat land to build. I hope to see this smoothed out in time, literally, heh. The models look great, the characters move very fluidly, no complaints at all in this department. There are many costumes you can wear and even armor you can craft, sometimes mobs even drop costumes. I found some really cool costumes while in a cave farming materials to make weapons with.

All in all the changes since I last played are a boon to the game, in my eyes. There are now basic materials in the inventory without fear of using them up. Which is GREAT for just starting to build right away, getting a feel for it. Crafting feels smoother, I didn't feel as overwhelmed with it this time around. Landmark feels more like a game that is starting to flesh out. It has a long ways to go but I'm so excited to see what is ahead.

I am having a total blast. While I have not completed all my achievements, I blow a lot of time building or trying different ideas with tools. I just want to take things slow and enjoy my first real plunge into the game. I'm officially hooked.  Below a couple of shots at my first attempts at building, I wanted to learn how to use the tools, still much of a work in progress. But yeah, those are my my first attempts.

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