Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Here And There

What we've been up to lately.... it seems we're heading into Hybornia (AoC). More later this week on that. Just sharing some shots before they start to collect dust and I forget about sharing them.

I've been playing around in Dragons Prophet a bit. My first dragon here. Flying at level six is awesome, lol.

Checking out the city.

My private island.

Not quite a house but it works!

Questing and seeing the sights.

Mining in Landmark. Tools that show me where ore is, pretty handy.

Now that's how you tunnel!

Playing around with some decorations/props in landmark.

A very cool sight in landmark.

I stumbled across this while gathering, pretty neat. Would that be a UFO or is it a hovering USO? Heh.

The lighting in the house due to times of day, hence the blue tint, can be a bit overwhelming on the eyes at times.

A wall and gate on my property I put together. The leaves on the wall really added a nice touch I think. Something I used to do when designing walls in Second Life.

Admiring the lighting.

This reminds me of the Iksar statues in EverQuest. Probably what the goal was, impressive. Just wish they had moved the castle into the ground, heh. The OCD in me.

Little cottage on the smaller isle I own. I really need to do more work with roofs. I am quite terrible with them still, LOL.

I;ll have to take some screens in the daylight, it turned out sort of whimsical and sweet!

Questing on my sorc in TESO.

New sights to see on my rogue/nightblade, whatever they call them, lol. 
Being sneaky.... for a quest. 
I really love how all the starting areas are different, very nice when creating an alt. Refreshing.

Looking towards seeing more of this new side of the world :)

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