Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Eye Candy: Critical Hit Edition

A ton of screenshots I have taken over the past month. Too many to share in a regular blog post. Sharing shots from: Rift, Wow, EQ2 and Trove. Enjoy!
Don't you just love underwater zones, haha! I get so confused as to where anything is on the map. Protip- Hovering on the mini map tells you if you are above or over the objective!

Decorating one of my Dimensions. I love the housing in Rift, you can even change the time of day in the sky!
Working on my personal club in Trove.

Working on a chess like keep, fun stuff!

Gliding in Trove.

Noms, what a yummy mount! Cookiephant mount.

Pirate captain class in Trove.

So awesome to have a ship in an MMO!

Everyone is fishing at the hub.

Exploring the new pirate themed biome.

 EverQuest 2----------------------------- 
Ah legacy (Chronicle anniversary event) quests! The little saying from the NPC's add such flavor if you remember these events from the first EverQuest. 

Flying in the new areas. 

Another Chronicle event, this one is remembering the AC camp (Ancient Cyclops) from South Ro. Southern Desert of Ro. It was pretty epic. My first time doing these over the years.

More epic flavor.

Camp check?!!

Quillmane! So easy to find these days ;)

Flying in AoM zones.

A neat little bug with the Aerakyn models in illusion. The hair style will carry through to the illusion if you change the basic wing to another choice. So cool, I want their hairstyles on the old models!!

Heading into the Shard of Fear! A nice replica of the original zone in.

Shard of Fear, memories come back from the Plane of Fear in the first EverQuest.

Pretty wings!

Castle Mistmoore. FUll of vampires and xp!

Cow diving?

Some decorations in one of my houses, these are some of the NPC's you can place around your house, house actors. Rift needs this!

Flying at sunset.

Keny merc and I in Unrest. Another fantastic remake of an old EverQuest zone.

I had a Hoppy Easter!

Cazic Thule. This is a great zone in both EverQuest games!

One of my favorite places in EQ2 The Village of Shin. I want this as a housing area!!


Just lovely.

Take me to the garrison! Chauffeured mounts are the best... too bad they are so slow.

Finding a rare mount. This is a new Talbuk mount model, this mount drops off a mob in Shadowmoon Valley. Anyone who participates in the kill gets one to drop.
The chauffeur is great for level one alts, they get lonely sitting there for years unplayed, lol.

The new holiday pet for Easter. I always wanted to garden on the go...

Shadowmoon Valley.

My buddy and me.

Warlords has some really gorgeous zones!

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