Monday, December 29, 2014

Ringing In The New Year

The New Year is almost here. What will you be playing this year? I think I'm looking forward mostly to seeing Landmark go into open beta, possibly Maple Story 2, which looks adorable. I also hope to see Trove grow and improve. I'm hoping for WoW's next patch in the near future as well.

WoW.. Are we settled in yet?
I really was impressed with warlords of Draenor. It is a great expansion, quick for leveling, tons of beautiful areas and oodles of quests, rares and treasures. However, I just think we truly need more to do at the endgame. I haven't even leveled an alt to the cap, I just don't see any reason to currently. I'd love to see the level 100 zone open up and offer many more 100 activities. Right now I don't think LFG or LFR is enough to hold my attention. Garrisons are great but with the changes to the Salvage Yard, I feel slightly disappointed. Leveling minions isn't really that exciting when you get down to it. I did manage to snag a 645 ilevel weapon for my DK over the weekend, which was exciting!

I think the expansion simply needs more time to flesh out, it will need more to do at 100 to keep players interested. Until then I'm still playing lightly, as my son and Dire are.

Christmas gave some new and interesting gifts, pillows to sit on, which came in four color variations. Transmoggable socks, which look very similar to acidic walkers from Gnomer. Let's just say I haven't had the urge to use them as a cosmetic item on any characters. That was about as exciting as it got, it was fun, as always to open the presents on Christmas. Last but not least, my son gave me a snazzy new rocket mount for Christmas, it is AWESOME!

Trove! So addicting!
I play Trove every day. Something about it is really fun. I love collecting things so that is probably a huge boon for me with the game. I had a bit of trouble soloing with my fresh Ice Sage as my first class to really play around with. The Candy Barbarian is a lot more sturdy and starting to get better geared, which helps. I absolutely love that class. I plan on twinking out the sage after I get the barb to level 20 (the max).

I can build, gather ore and materials, hunt recipes, do dungeons- all without having to wait in a queue, worry about tanking, healing or dps. I just log on and get going. No waiting around, no worrying about a group (my son and our friend Rak play together a lot), except for each other.

Trove is awesome. I absolutely love it and hope to see the game grow in the next year. If it keeps going in the direction it is, I can see it rising in popularity as time goes on. It is a great game. It's casual and fun. You have to love Trove for what it is. Trove isn't for the raider, the PvPer. It's a voxel game that builds off that aspect and I think for most you either love it or hate it.

EverQuest... Oh how I always long for the lands of Norrath!
Yep, we're at it again. We decided to pick back up and start new alts. Dire and I made a Rogue and Berserker. I already have a Rogue... somewhere in the 80's, but I wanted one on this account that is linked to Dire's with the Recruit A Friend bonus. That and he is always boxing the bard on the other account. I wanted something that isn't stuck buffing and low maintenance on getting set up. That and I love to sneak around. So we went with Melee characters. We made it into the 30's and decided to boost them with the boost we gained with our CE expansion packs.

Upon starting up these characters we decided to join a guild this time as well, instead of joining out own guild we have, which holds our army of alts. We figured it might be nice to make some friends and have other people to group with. So far they seem like cool people and it was great to see the player housing neighborhood filled up with housing!

I'm having fun with Dire. Plenty for us to do together. There isn't any lack of places to go. We don't have to worry about not being on the same quest or things like that. It is easy to play together in this game. I look forward to working on our new characters.

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