Friday, October 3, 2014

Archeage- A House To Call Home

We have a house!! Small but still a house!

I'm still at it in Archeage. There have been moments where I wondered if this is the game for me though. At heart I am not into [open world] PvP but I do think the other elements of the game are really fun. I like the farming system, housing is more functional that decoration (as in creating) and things such as trade runs are really cool as an alternative of things to do. My son has also been playing, which has made it a lot more fun.

Since my last post I've been chugging along. I finally built my house yesterday. It took awhile of farming wood through scrounging random trees in the wee hours and planting small trees on my meager farm plot. I also managed to get with it and mine 500 stone one night when nobody was competing for it, which rarely happens. My son moved a scarecrow plot beside mine, in front of the house and now we help and tend each others animals and crops so we can do trade runs. He does far more than I (with runs), but I tend the area a lot. Which leads me to stockpiling the chest I installed into the house to stock up on items to make packs for trade runs. I was very happy to get that set up. A big milestone for me! I came into this game knowing absolutely nothing about it. I didn't pre-order, I didn't beta, I didn't keep up much besides occasional blog posts by other bloggers. 

We currently just have the smallest house, but after reading how some people can't even find land, I'm happy with what we have. It gets time consuming taking care of all the animals and crops, a bigger house plot would just be more work. I also made an alt, leveled it to ten and did the work to get another small scarecrow plot to plant down, it isn't next to my house, but it is diagonal so I am happy with that. All together we have three small scarecrow plots. I REALLY wanted the large scarecrow but after two attempts I gave up. I had two packs stolen by hordes of level 50's riding in packs (on boats) killing off players as they got close to land. My poor rowboat didn't stand a chance. I was so proud how far I got, (I managed to survive jellyfish attacks!!) then my packs were stolen and I just felt so very blue about the whole deal. Very unfair as I was only 25 at the time. I don't care for PvP in this game, it is the PvE that draws me in. I feel that the large scarecrow quest is a bit unfair, forcing players to go out into dangerous territory. Say what you want, I think it's crummy.

Players in this game are a mixed bunch. I don't think this is the best type of game to be F2P honestly. Lots of spam, horrible language, ZERO moderation. Best to not read most of the chat, as a lot of it is beyond being vulgar/offensive and just plain out a waste of time to bother reading. I cannot say anything good about the community thus far, not impressed. 

The game is probably the closest thing you'll see to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, except it has PvP thrown in and isn't feeling as free to explore. I want to sail around on my boat but that ins't an option, I get slaughtered by 50's who just want to kill for kicks. They sail around in packs, which isn't cool. Though what I have seen of the world is open and expansive. I love it. I just wish I was free to explore more of it without getting interrupted by players with nothing better to do than bother others. Which is why it is very unlike me to play anything like this game. 
My son and I upgraded our gliders, which was really cool. They go a lot faster! We want to work on making some vehicles but we need to gather more tokens to buy the plans. We'll get there one of these days, if we indeed keep playing. We're both patrons. Which I did NOT intend to happen. However, I got sucked into the fun aspects of the game. I stated a few times that I was done playing, done for good... then I think of my poor chickens how they need to be fed, my goat needs to be sheared, and I find myself logging back in.

The questing isn't anything special but it is also not bad. I enjoy it for the most part. Some people save labor for other things but I use it to open all my purses I loot, you can make okay money doing so. I don't play heavily as others so I need to also burn up labor points when I can. 
Dire has been watching me play, I think he is intrigued but doesn't feel he has time to enjoy it. I think he would, he seems to miss PvP from WoW so he'd at least be able to find some here. I've been trying to write this post for a week now, so busy these days! I'll try to update progress and share thoughts for those interested as I can. I'm sitting at 29 now, not much further to go... Most of it is from farming! There's just something really good about Archeage that keeps me coming back. Enjoy the pics!


  1. Great pics! I'm enjoying reading about your Archeage adventures but I think this post reminds me that I wouldn't really enjoy playing the game myself. I'd hate the ganking culture that can affect trade and even the chance of it happening would spoil the fun for me. I don't game for the 'thrill' of watching over my shoulder constantly.

    Glad you're enjoying it though, makes for interesting reading and some lovely screenies!

    1. Thank you! The PvP aspect does kill some of the fun for me. There's a lot I am limited because I don't run with a pack of people and I'm still not max level. Just heading out on the ocean on my little boat always proves to be time wasted as I am always attacked by swarms of people who just want to interfere. I wish the game had a PvE server or a different ruleset server because in the end it is what would push this game off the plate for being a main game. I think it is a wonderful game but the fact that others can impact my play is always a pain in the rear and a reality. But I have had a lot of fun. My son hasn't had the same experiences because he isn't as hardheaded as I am, I'm interested how he views the game after PvP is more and more obvious in the areas as we level higher.

  2. I just got the large farm for my alt - my hubby arranged it by hiring mercs to take us. For our mains we died just as we got to land - but were in the circle so we got credit for it (for the large scarecrow quest you don't have to turn the pack in to complete the quest - just get in the circle).

    So it's great to have all that farm land - for growing trees:) Because after a couple days of having them I realized that all my time was going to planting and harvesting...Now that I've put trees on the big farms I'm back to a manageable work load and having fun again.

    1. Gratz on the large farm! We need to have someone take us too. Just as I got near land on my second attempt I got slaughtered, lol. For now I've put it off for later. Land is still a bit scarce so in due time I hope more opens where I can use the larger one!




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