Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Catching Up

It has been a busy few weeks leading up to a move over this past weekend. I am exhausted with everything but finally I feel like I can sit and catch up on some much needed relaxation time! Our move was a bit short notice but for the best. Today I finally set up our computer room, and my little crafting/art nook. So, I felt like taking some time to pay the blog some attention. I've just been too exhausted to post anything the last couple of weeks. This place finally resembles a home and it is so nice to have that feeling after so much going on!

I managed to get my Scourge Warlock to 51 in Neverwinter. Which was a pleasant experience. All in all it is a very nice game, pretty to look at, fast paced combat, a path which is easy to follow. The big catch is that my account was hacked and all my astral diamonds were stolen, which is very uncool. I worked hard for what I had on top of some of them also being gained from a package I purchased with real money, they came with it and thus I wanted to be able to spend them.

PEW support basically told me I could do a character rollback, gaining them back, but I would lose all progress. The problem is that I leveled so quickly I'd have lost most of my characters progress. Unacceptable in my eyes. I kept pushing support for doing something more, currently the ticket is escalated. Today I received another email stating it has been escalated again for a reimbursement. Hopefully they can help me and get this settled. If not I don't think I can play anymore. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, support is keeping in contact and that is a good thing. It has been some time for this process to be escalated so it has been over a week since I've played. I'd like to log in again and play but I just want to wait things out.

I'm dabbling in WoW. A buddy and I are working on doing some challenge modes and he's setting up a team to try to get the sets before the xpac hits. I will be taking my Horde monk, as that is the only character I have left over there to help him out with. Luckily it is decently geared out for the runs, with some LFR and island gear, I need to set aside some time and gem him though.

I'd also like to get one more character to 90 before the xpac, my 87 death knight. It has been enjoyable playing the class again. I don't know if I'll finish it in time. I'd also like to farm some money on both factions before it hits. I'll be puttering around a good bit over the next few months. I am excited for new content though.

Since the patch hit with D3 Dire hasn't logged into GW2 to play with me. With the move and all it was just easier to log in for a quick game there. I still wanted to play something that had beautiful scenery and a relaxing setting, so I headed back to TESO to give it another shot. I could play alone but I just wasn't in the mood to. Sometimes you get spoiled having someone to adventure with  and when they're not there it can feel empty.

The Elder Scrolls Online is probably one of the few games out there that gives me that feeling that Vanguard did, with the scenery and ambiance, I'd say GW2 is a very close second. Every time I log in it feels so nice to explore and wander around, I just soak it all in. I love to look at everything and see what I can stumble upon.

I decided to pick back up on my Sorcerer first. I'm dabbling with that and the cleric both, but leaning more towards the sorc. It is a tough choice, both are enjoyable and feel quite different with the mechanics.

Mainly I haven't had much time to really play anything. It has been nice to pick up my 3DS again for something relaxing to play after a long day and just lounge wherever, heh. I picked up Tomodachie Life and it is a fun little game. My son and I take turns passing it back and forth sometimes, it is best played with someone else to share the experience IMO. The game has some really funny moments. It is basically a simulation game where you create people, family and friends are the best, as you get a kick of the things they do. (Pictured right would be my version of Dire, lol.)

All in all a great little game. If you like animal crossing you'll probably enjoy this one. It isn't so big on time management and daily things to do. Much better for popping in and out when you feel like it without feeling like you're neglecting your game.

Another game I'd recommend would be Disney's Magical World. Great little game. It offers combat, farming, a little housing, micromanagement, light crafting and quests. I picked it up when it released and it has been great.

Happy Birthday GW2... I was a bit stumped that there wasn't a big celebration in the game or much of a nod towards the new reward (pictured to the right, the Birthday Blaster which shoots out cakes with a food buff). I've been waiting around on the feature pack and my birthday presents to arrive, since I wanted to boost a new character to 20. So far it seems interesting, lots of gifts as you level, I saw with the instant 20. Which is incentive for newer players. Not any huge changes. More quality of life things.

Now to settle down and pick something to play!

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