Saturday, June 21, 2014

Things To Check Out

Rak and I showing off our awesome costumes :)

I really love games, I suppose that is why I play so many. That and there is always something to draw me back in. I like new stuff, free stuff, events, stuff that keeps me engaged. This weekend I thought I'd share a few new things going on, some free goodness and even some discounts.

Nelf and I have been really enjoying Defiance. To celebrate season two there is a code to apply to your glyph account for free fifteen days (a seven dollar freebie here). We jumped on it. The code is PARADISE. People in the game seem pretty cool, it doesn't seem to have a toxic community. I have seen that many people help out in areas, a lot of the time with events people will revive downed players, which is great. Love riding around in vehicles they are so FAST!! Every other game feels so slow now, lol. Good stuff here!

Heri joined us playing the other day and we really had a cool time, it was great to all jump in and play together no matter when we started or what our EGO level was. Perfect game to play with friends. Nelf and I tried out instances yesterday, not bad at all. We had fun, basically shooting things up. Nobody seems to run ahead, people seem to stick together in this game more so than trinity based groups in other games. The combat is fun, fast paced but you don't have tons of skills to worry about. You can swap out weapons on the fly. I have a weapon that does damage and heals, love that! So you can heal if that is your thing! A lot of interesting choices for weapons, you'll find something you like. It is still the most fun played with others, there is always something going on, which is probably the main drive for me to play. It feels odd playing older games that don't feature events, they are so captivating for me. I honestly can say I really love playing Defiance, for many different reasons than why I like other MMO type games. It is just different, very cooperative, and just plain fun.

Speaking of Trion games, Rift has a new hellbug event going on to celebrate the new Defiance season as well. I have really been slacking with Rift lately! I will try to pop in soon and grab one (if luck is with me, lol), I read there are some new ones, I'd love to have another in a new color and I still need a pet!

Currently Champions has a discount on Lifetime and subscription packages. I'm still playing and having fun. I should get a lifetime, but the ONLY lifetime sub I ever bought lasted me just a short few years as the game sunset this year (Free Realms). I'm slowly leveling, slowly... That tailor (character designer) really has a strong grip on me! My buddy, Rak, has been playing also. We did some alerts the other day and it was good fun. Alerts are missions where anyone can join (instance/dungeon) and you get some nice xp as well as an xp buff. I really love doing these, nobody is rude so far, they seem to go pretty quickly too. Plus, it is always cool to see what kind of characters join, I love seeing other people's costumes!

My character in EQ2 must miss me quite a lot, slack again! This weekend I hope to get some time in and check out the new house actors that were added to the game. These are models that look like players which you can use to decorate your houses, give them emotes and such. Very cool addition! These actors are made by tailors, I'll have to see if they added any into the station cash store, all I read was tailors as of now.

We're newbies again! Almost... 
And last but not least, Warcraft has a 7 day free time deal going on if you haven't been subbed for awhile. Redeem it by June 30th though! I didn't even see this in my email, Heri told me to check for it and there is was sitting all lonely in my alternate email. Nelf was really excited because he was thinking about playing but wasn't sure if he wanted to get back into the game, thus free time was perfect to find out with. Free, we love us some free time!

So, we put that free time to good use! We started up a couple of new characters after messing about on the mains for a bit. He went with a paladin and I went mage. I have never played a mage past 20 in all these years! We could pick up WoD pre-order and boost them but thought instead it would be fun to just play around for now. It isn't like there is a real rush to be at the cap anytime soon, heh. Looks way off into the distance for the expansion... Squints really hard... Nope, no rush.

On another note my Second Life (alt acct is fine) account was suspended, apparently something to do with an attempted hack. While I am selling stuff still in game, this annoys me to no end. Not even an email to let me know, they claim they are scared the email would be hacked too. Nobody hacked my account, I know Twig logging it on and taking all my money (Linden) all the time probably flagged it. Ugh... Not happy about that. Not that I play much anymore but it really ticks me off, the wait begins. I won't hold my breath. Like I need something else to play currently... right?!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am fortunate to have a lifetime sub to Champions, yet I don't play it. For the past few years I haven't been playing many MMO's really, but I should play some CO while it's still around and it's free!

  2. Champions is mostly just making me miss City of Heroes. Comparing what it (Champions) is now to what it was when I played back at release, it honestly seems to have a lot more CoH-ness to it now. I think the only thing truly missing is the level of customization you could get by slotting your powers. The advancement points system gives a little customization, but not much comparatively. I am having fun though. I went through and made my nemesis yesterday. (At level 25 you get a mission to create your very own arch nemesis.)

    Also, just 'cause I got over that costume really quick, here's a better picture of my character to oggle. ;)

  3. @Jay- That's always nice to be able to log in and not worry about a sub, Jay! I was thinking of picking one up but I don't play it for long spans so I'm not sure now much I'd really benefit, sure is nice when you do want to play though, lol.

    @Rak- I didn't get very far in CoH. I picked it up years ago cheap at Half Priced Books years and years ago for my son. Then again when it went F2P. It was a nice little game though. I am glad for those that miss it, there are options still for a super hero game. It has always been my favorite out any I tried.

    Costume looks awesome XD I need to log in, think I have a stomach ulcer or something, still sick. Been goofing off with stuff that I don't have to try much with, lol. I just got done with a lot of testing last week (no cancerous icky stuff) so I don't want to go back so soon, lol. Anyhow, I'll log in soon and try to catch up with you.




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