Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Space, Secrets and Super Heroes

If Illidan Stormrage were a superhero... I couldn't resist.

Lately I've just been all over the map with games. Playing around and just having fun, most of them I've been wanting to try out since getting a new computer. It is nice to reunite with an 'old' game, feeling refreshed coming back, seeing what has changed! So nice to have variety.

I poked my head back into Star Wars: The Old Republic. Which was neat, it looks great, was fun to see my companions again, run a few quests. I missed my ship, it is such a neat option, and housing is due out this summer, which is really cool. There is a new casino feature in the game. I didn't get much out of it, I don't have a whole lot of money at my level to blow on it, fun still. You can save up winning tickets to purchase items, which is a neat bonus. Real cool rewards! All in all it is very nice to be able to log in and play, with it being free. I gained a couple of levels while I was at it. It didn't feel as slow as I thought it was (as free to play).

I did miss a lot about SWTOR. It is good to be back, such a nice feeling game. Love so much about it, not sure why it never really stuck with me. I plan on eventually hitting the cap, one of these days. I'll probably pick it up on a more steady pace once housing hits.

I've also been messing around with Champions Online. I can just sit forever (literally) playing around with costumes. I decided to just roll a new character, get my bearings back. Seems it was probably around 2011 since I last played! Yikes, I have been gone a long time!

Combat isn't anything special but it works and I like it. The more points you gain with leveling, the better the game and combat feel. The first ten levels I floundered a bit, respeccing my (freeform) build many, many times. Now things are going very well and I don't die much. It was starting to get embarrassing.

Champions sports some cool new vehicles now. Basically you turn into the vehicle, they fly at very fast speeds, instant cast and each of them has a different type of build for combat. I like them a lot. When your health bar gets low they start to look damaged.

Sometimes the comic issue missions can really drag on. That is mostly on my behalf, getting antsy and not wanting to sit still for very long some days. All in all I am having a lot of fun. I decided to sub simply because freeform is too much fun. The premade builds are not bad either, I just have a specific build I prefer using, which takes a few levels to start ramping up.

There is a lot to do in champs, it is still a good game and I see a lot of people all over the place. We're down to one server but it isn't such a bad thing. The world feels populated and alive that way.

I also decided to play around in The Secret World. Reuniting myself with my character proved to be very confusing. I had no idea what I was working on before I took my break. I made a new character, an Illuminati, just for a different feel this go around. I was going dragon but then there was a cut scene where it appeared my male character was pushed back onto a bed by a female character, as he just sat there with a slack jaw. Dur, dur, dur... Whoa, whoa, stop the train! Very different than the female cut scenes that I remembered. So yeah, Illuminati now.

I don't know if I'll stick with it, probably not in any serious way. End game offers little for me, but the game does have a nice ambiance. I love the feel, most of the humor and the general story. So I'll play around with it for a little bit, here and there. It was cool to go about wandering around. More as I slowly play around with it when I can. I'd share screenshots but Funcom must have gotten a kick out of making F11 the default screenshot key, so I don't have any, as I was using the wrong button. Lameness.

Nothing super exciting, still fun though. Rift is still there, as is EQ2, still playing them when time allows. My son says he misses WoW, meh. I miss it sometimes, but I look at all these patch notes and warlords changes and just cringe. I'm currently downloading Defiance, because why not?! I thought he'd like it so I wanted to check it out finally. Great time too, since it is now F2P!

My first costume, edited a few times but keeping the general feel.

My vehicle.

Tried Illidan, why not Tyrael?

Super samurai, or something. 

Mission sending me to some bar, where I ended up in a bar fight ;) 

My ship, how I missed you!

Just such a cool feeling game!

Night out on the town, lol.

Playing around with a new character. 

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