Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Motley Post

Last week I found myself without a working phone on and off, very irritating. I went though two replacement phones and a new sim card. So far the new one(s) are working, I am so glad. Dire works a lot and that's the way we touch base through the long hours he is gone, also I read all my feeds on the phone and hate when I can't, and my Rift app is something I try to keep tabs with (free stuffz!). It seems the Galazy S4 has a history of sim card errors, I've had mine for six months with no problems though so it was a surprise. Then again my sim card was a few years old, but the new one giving errors with a new phone really threw me for a loop. Having that solved, I feel much better. I don't think there really is a fix for the error, it randomly drops the signal, causes reboots and at times will only work on sending, not receiving (texts and calls). Best bet is to get a replacement. T Mobile was really good/fast with getting everything replaced (phones sent overnight and there in under 24 hours) and all is well in my world, lol. Other than that it is still an amazing phone.

This week finds Dire and me not playing any MMO games together. He's been playing D3 a lot but I haven't picked up another copy because I don't know if he wants to keep playing it. I did want to get 70 and soak up the legendary (anniversary) drop boost, maybe another time I suppose. Plus, I already have so much I'm playing. We miss LoTRO but just after we left the game had another combat revamp. Things are harder now, things don't scale so well to lower levels, the difficulty has been ramped up and in my eyes the game is too old for me to care to learn everything all over again. Catering to a small percentage of players who think the game should be more turned to fully decked out maxed characters isn't going to keep players. Yeah, I'm not happy. I don't see the game doing much further than 2017, when the IP renewal is up. This change, in my eyes, could really hurt the game overall. These changes made us sad.

What we have been playing is Magic The Gathering, the TCG (trading card game). I wasn't really thrilled about playing but when he turned the puppy dog eyes on me I figured I'd at least give it a try to make him happy. Which turns out it is quite fun and I'm not too bad at it. I never saw myself as someone to play these sorts of games but I do like a variety of games and just unhooking from technology to play things face to face. (I'm a champ at UNO!) It is a nice change. We talk, have some laughs, some pouting (on my part), and all around a good time. I found that my time with Hearthstone gave me a solid, basic understanding, more so than other online TCGs. I highly recommend it if you want to learn or get a feel for TCGs. Plus, that's a great game to play if you want to play long distance or you don't have anyone to play regularly with. Go, Hearthstone!

I'm still learning but I'm starting to have a solid handle on it and it turns out to be fun once you find a deck you like. Mine is black and green, which is rather necrotic and restorative. Some of my (black) cards use my life for certain abilities, such as lose two life and draw two cards, and some return (green) life. It is a cool balance and if you play MMO or RPG games, it is neat to have a deck that fits your playstyle. I still want to tailor it out some and also build another deck. I'm glad I gave it a try. Tonight I brought him some boosters on his lunch break as a surprise, since the comic store is closed by the time he gets off, always fun to see him rip into the packs, lol. I just wish we didn't both love the green cards so much! Gah!! I let him have first pick. I'd love to do a black/white set just to do it. But I have a lot to learn and a lot of building to ever do that. Ah, maybe one day.

I has a pet pig! New gem store mini, I had a few extra gems sitting there so I decided to grab him. Who doesn't like bacon!!?

This week I should pick up more with GW2, the Festival of The Four Winds is landing, today actually. The Queen's gauntlet returns (think WoW Brawler's Guild), some cool rewards and the rebuilding of Lion's Arch. I'm pretty excited to have something different to do. I've sort of slacked of over the last week with playing as much.

I have been playing a lot of Rift in my free time. It has been a fun return, I just fell back into it so easily. I don't really hear much about the game these days, a lot of bloggers I follow don't seem to play it anymore unless Trion hands out some free invitation (and always forgets about me >.<). I always like to keep this as one of my games I have as an option to play. A steady on my roster of games I will always play. It has a lot for me to do. I am working a lot on the new Dreamweaver profession, I made my first dimension with it, almost to the point of working on my second. The mobile app can help with ribbons, as it has the scratch cards where you can get free shinies! Awesomeness.

I love working on tradeskills, the daily quests for them are a nice bonus. Plenty to do, to keep me busy and the mentoring down is a great option to still gain xp (decent xp) while you level thoguh things you may have missed. I like to mentor down, do some carnage quests I missed and gather crafting materials. I don't know what it is but I am really having a lot of fun, I think it is because it feels so classic, it has depth when you really start to get things rolling. I'm just messing about on an alt, not in a rush to level. I try to get a level a day if possible, but even if I don't I still enjoy playing.

That's it for today. I hope to share some thoughts about the GW2 event soon. Anyone else play Magic: The Gathering? If so what types of decks do you enjoy? Enjoy the pics. Safe adventures and all that ;)

Brrr! I should of worn a coat!

The first dimension I created with the Dreamweaver profession. Small but cool. 


Air rifts make everything so foggy.

On my way to a fishing hole, I love fishing in Rift... I fished up my own boat, lol. Sunken ships are awesome nodes to find on the map, keep an eye out for them!

Pretty trees. 

Can you tell this is one of my favorite mounts, one of the coolest things in the game. Mechanical horses= awesome. 

Rift tear.

Invasion boss. Love these. So epic!

I love desert zones. LOVE them.

Taking shelter. It's raining rifts.

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