Friday, May 2, 2014

TESO- First Contact (Update On Ban Appeal)

We finally heard back from Zenimax regarding my son's account, yesterday evening we received a phone call. I was relieved that we (re)gained access to it, the ban was lifted and time was credited to the account for the duration it wasn't accessible. It seems that support is getting caught up with backed up tickets. The reason he was banned? No reason, it was an accidental ban that never should have happened. I was given an apology as well. The support team member over the phone, which was the actual person to remove the ban, was very nice and we spoke about the game for a short time after mentioning I played. So all is well with the reinstatement.

My son doesn't want to play now. Which leaves me feeling real bad for him. When he was banned He and Heri migrated over to the new D3 expansion, Reaper of Souls. Heri felt bad my son couldn't play the new game with us, and so they teamed up on another game. And really, they are pretty happy with that for now. 

I suppose that is a chance a company takes when it doesn't properly process player reports and has lacking or backed up support- you take the chance of losing customers, even if you do help them in the end. For my son it is too little, too late. I can't blame him, honestly. If he wanted to continue to play I wouldn't try to stop him, his choice. He bought the game, tried a few characters out, was truly excited, he just inherited my old computer, he could play it for sure now. Ecstatic about it, then banned within two days. That was the kicker.

Me? I think it is a fantastic game. But I am not going to sub again until I see that Zenimax has things under control. That isn't just with support, everything related to the launch as a whole. I was given a direct email to contact in case anything happened again, which was a nice gesture, instead of going straight into another queue. It was much appreciated. I won't hold the whole incident against the company, but I won't forget it so easily either. 

I do wish The Elder Scrolls Online the very best. For now, no matter how much I really love the game, I think some space is required. For those of you waiting on support still, keep at it. Supposedly they are getting through the tickets, from what I understand they have been severely backed up. Hopefully everyone will be sorted out soon. There is light at the end of the Our wait was about days long.


  1. Yup, that's how it goes -- there's a window of opportunity, and it's once it's closed it's hard to re-open.

    Personally I'm enjoying it, but had I gotten accidentally banned after 2 days I also would have a hard time wanting to go back.

  2. Yeah, sad it turned out that way but I just don't have it in me to play it currently. Checked out your post, awesome pics XD Looks like you're having a blast!




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