Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Since our unintended break from TESO I've been trying to decide what to stick to playing. I don't feel like hopping around games as much. I have had a pull towards Vanguard Saga of Heroes, I always miss that game, but it is due to shutter before the summer is over. It just feels too sad to play it. I've been thinking on what to play since then. What's worth it lately? Dire, Heri and Nelf are all playing D3, so I could always go there. I just need a new account... and the expansion (since my son took mine over). Meh.

Arcehage went into err.. Alpha. Or rather western alpha, the game is already released in Korea and has been for some time. To play it I need to pony up 150 bucks, for alpha access, or 50 for beta, who knows when that is. No thanks. PvP already is a turn off, no matter how many cool features you add, I don't want to pay that much to have a game remind me exactly why I don't play PvP games. I simply don't have the time for PvP games. So that is a huge letdown, no PvE server, when will these companies learn? Probably when they realize the numbers are lacking and it will be too little too late, as always. By the time that rolls around, people will be onto the next newest thing. I still would love to try it out at least, but I am not wanting to hand over that much to a game I probably will not even stick to.

I have plenty of other games I've thought about. But nothing really sparks much interest. I still play a good bit of GW2. It hasn't always been my favorite game, but it has really grown on me. I like how easy it is to get in and get things done. Maybe it isn't much but I just do whatever I want and still make progress. There is still so much for me to do. I made a couple of alts for classes I've never messed with much (mesmer and elementalist) which has been quite fun. The mesmer really is the fave out of the two, tough choice to pick one to play up.Then again I don't really have to if I don't want to. The thing about this game is I don't feel pressured to level up super fast. It's good no matter what level you play. I love completing maps too.

The world is gorgeous, there is so much detail. I don't always miss mounts, while I have a cosmetic broom to ride that right there is enough for me (more cosmetic rides would be welcome!). No mana issues, simple rotations that I pick back up on in no time, weapon swapping, short fights but not too much action all the time. It's been feeling like home more and more these days. Have you seen those costume sales? Costumes are actually good for wearing out in the world now!

I also picked up some FFXIV time on a whim. It has been enjoyable. Not as slow as TESO was, which is refreshing in some ways. Combat is slower, but it is still decent. The UI is slick, the game runs quite well too. I really enjoy playing. I just feel it might be a bit too much on rails. I keep worrying if I am going to miss something if I don't do every little quest. Plus, I wanted to give the game a fair try to 20 at least, since I gave up on the server issues back at launch.

I am playing a pet class, not sure if I will go DPS or heals. I still have a ways to go, sitting at 18. I want my mount. I want to get my class rolling, but I dread leveling a sub class to 14 just to go in the direction I want. Hopefully I can stick with it, I hear the XP rolls in faster with a higher level main class. I don't know if I am crazy about my race but it is all good as I have a fantasia potion sitting there. Once I get to 20 I think I'll have more of a feel for things, what direction I want to go.

For now these two games are pretty cool to hop back and forth to. I'm quite happy playing both of them. I still want to get back to Neverwinter one of these days.... But I had an account lock code that would never send to my email. Maybe one of these days they'll let me play my account again >.<

So, how about you? Do you get excited enough to pony up money for alpha and beta or would you rather wait and see what everyone says about a game? I did for Landmark, I think I logged  in twice. Sort of learned my lesson there. Do you think it is fair for these companies to charge so much  for 'alpha' access, paying to test a game?

Screenshots below!

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