Friday, May 30, 2014

Bopping Around

A couple of events hit me over the last week, at least a couple that I wanted to partake of. GW2 has an event, which is broken up into two areas. The Queens Gauntlet, and Festival of The Four Winds. The festival was okay, I messed about a little. Jumping around gathering crystals, kind of boring but gorgeous scenery. The gauntlet was more fun. I only did it once so far, we resulted with a gold reward. At fist I was asked if I wanted to help with Boom Boom. Boom Boom? Sure! I don't know who that is but it sounds cool. Which I got the idea pretty quickly. Basically teams on each side take down the bosses in a timed event. It was interesting. I'm mostly waiting for the next part of the Living Story to hit. The current event has some cool items but I just haven't felt like doing much for some reason. Maybe later in the week.

Mostly I've been playing Rift. Bouncing around with activities. I managed to snag a cool Hellbug mount, well three dropped. Yay, alts? My cleric is now 44, slowly leveling and catching up with my mage. I seem to enjoy the cleric a bit more currently. 

I have been crafting steadily, slow but steady! I made a sweet dimension with Dream Weaving- Tower Meadow. Which I absolutely love. I decided to decorate it with something I've never tried. I ended up with a lovely tree house. Screenshots below. If you'd like to check it out in game (any character can swap realms on the fly now, by clicking your player portrait, yay!) it is Vanlorian's Tower Meadow dimension on Faeblight. Still a work in progress, I need to put in a bit more stuff to polish it up.

Back to the topic of events, Hooves and Horns or rather, Unicornalia hit the servers last week. I was excited about a unicorn themed event but it seems this is mostly a promotional event, you can't possibly get enough sparkle tokens for the mount even with it extended for a week. What does this mean? Buy lockboxes, ugh. The event started off with the Hooves and Horns boss being bugged to begin with, he only has 30k hp and is around level 40 and did not have any counters (as other event boss mobs do) to higher level players attacking him and killing him instantly. This was fixed but if you are across the map it isn't helping much, he's dead before you get there. The lockboxes don't have anything great for a mid level alt, very much a let down. Just let me buy a unicorn... So the event has me feeling a little sad, no unicorn for me.

One good thing out of the event is that I actually enjoy the PvP daily with it. PvP feels much better than in WoW, actually enjoyable. I have a lot of fun with my cleric. And this is from someone who runs from anything PvP. I feel it isn't so fast paced, or that stuns and incapacitate abilities don't completely destroy me. I might just PvP some for the heck of it, good xp and rewards, may as well for something else to do.

Dire and I are still playing Magic: The Gathering. I am working on a black and white deck, which has been fun. I also have a mono black deck now and black and green (which I started with). So, you can tell I obviously love black, heh. Lots of fun! But, I am a sore loser and yell at his (stupid) blue cards about how cheap and 'cheaty' they are. Is that even a word? But it is all in all good fun. I am still learning and so far I learned I hate mono blue decks (all blue cards). I can imagine black/blue would be devastating. A bruiser deck might be my next! Cool thing is he doesn't get upset when I splurge on boosters, lol. I look forward to playing it with him, I wish I could entice my son to play as he loves Hearthstone, I know he'd like MTG.

I am also poking around in EQ2, because I just always miss it. Classic feeling, it is Norrath (!) and it just always feels like home. Much like Rift it offers a lot to do, so always a very solid choice for someone who likes to bop around doing different things. Instead of picking up a main I decided to roll a new necromancer (my other is on another old account). I wanted to explore the wold I've missed. I might bump her up with a boost later on, but for now the goal was to just re-experience the old world again, there are a lot of great places I do miss! But, more on those adventures later, she's still quite low sitting at level nine.

That's it for today, enjoy the shots of my treehouse!

Building the stairs into the tree, which is scaled up quite largely.

Tree house at first look.

Going up the stairs.

Top of the stairs.

Little home in the boughs!
Back of the tree house, stairs leading to the top.
The VERY top of the tree! I added in some trees to the platform because it felt kind of bare and the branches give it a nice feel.

Another view of the top. Pictures don't do it justice, look in person if you play Rift!


  1. I do play Rift now and then! And on the Faeblight server so I'm definitely going to pop over and take a look. It looks gorgeous in the pictures. :)

  2. When I went back that was what really stuck with me was how gorgeous the game it! Everything is so lovely to just soak in!




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