Thursday, April 17, 2014

Push Ups, Jumping Jacks And A Change of Faction (TESO)

This week Heri and I decided to switch things up in TESO, swapping factions. We really like Daggerfall but we decided to switch to Ebonheart with some alts we wanted to play also. Instead of doing the same content over, this seemed a cool choice. I'll still play the sorc as well but I think I really enjoy a Templar quite a bit, it could very well turn into the main. Heri is going with the traditional rogue type nightblade, enjoying the playstyle, he says it clicks with him more. While I am more of a paladin type who throws out some spot heals when things get tough or when I have mana... heh. The joys of being a hybrid, mana management. I'm still quite low level so working on some gear will help. Which I plan on doing as soon as this post is done.

My friend Rak was a bit disheartened when I didn't start off on the faction with Dark Elves, because I'm always a Dark Elf if there is the option. In the end it won out, as I really love Dark Elves. It was the first race I played in my first MMO. Anyhow, I love the city, it is a bit different than the other faction, it has a different feel. I can't quite describe it but each starting areas/towns have their own ambiance to them. I'm just really digging this game, the graphics, the music, the animations...

Jammin' out, lol.
Man, the animations! The emotes are so much fun to play with, a real RP heaven. Opening doors your character uses their hand to push it open, I can't say when I last saw that happen in an MMO. Overall I think the game has some very sweet animations and that really helps with immersion. Last night we were playing around with them, Heri and I, and found we can do jumping jacks, sit in chairs that we pull out of thin air, push ups, sit ups, play music instruments (with actual music playing), and other things like... play dead. It was hilarious. Run up to a quest giver and flop dead at their feet. It gets some funny reactions, lol. I can see us wasting much time goofing off with emotes and animations being silly. I can, and have, see/seen these get really silly almost to the point of immersion breaking. All in all a good laugh so far.

Another thing I like is the ability to have tattoos, face paints and so on. Really gives character to the... character. Costumes, boy do I have fun with these. I switched all my costumes from my sorc to the temp and presto! no newbie looking armor, yay. I am excited to see just how many costumes I can collect as I make my way through the game.

I ran across this while heading to the bank in Daggerfall.... Getting a little carried away with those emotes, eh?

Being melee is a bit different than casting, it took a little getting used to. I'm swinging a big 2hander because it feels pretty good with the class. The damage seems decent and for now that's the route I want to take. Slinging some lightning and fire spells, tossing out a few heals. Lots of fun so far, feels pretty solid and strong, I'll just have to see how it flows in a few levels. For a change it is nice not having to worry about a pet who has no AI which I can control.

I'm wanting Dire to try my Templar this weekend to get a feel for the game. I don't think him trying a level one will really give him the feel I want him grasp, to see how things start to connect after a few levels and choices. He is taking a break from EQ while work is busy and wants something easier to hop in and out of. We considered going back to LoTRO but he was leaning more to GW2, but if I could get him into TESO I think he's love it in the end. I'd love for him be along my side in TESO. If not I'm all for playing GW2 with him too. We'll have to see how it goes. My son is also interested, so he might join me also.

I hope to get caught up or past the sorc soon, with my temp, and Dire has some time off over the holiday...soooo.... maybe I can get him playing, wish me luck! Screenshot time! Pictures and more pictures!

Questing with Heri.

Lighting can make all the difference.

Following you.

Admiring the sunrise.

Not big on snowy areas but this one wasn't too bad.

A little chilly for a swim I suppose.

Little places to explore off in the distance.

Arg, I'm so blind I can't find my sunglasses.


More questing.

Reminds me of something.... 

I love Morrowind, this is a nice feel for bringing back the feeling.

Ah, yeah, it reminds me of Vanguard Saga of Heroes! More updates with new textures of course ;)

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