Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Enjoying Middle Earth

I absolutely love this shot, my current desktop :)

I've been meaning to write more about our adventures in LoTRO, today I've finally had a chance to sit down to do so. We're still playing and really having a great time. Lots has changed since I last played, many years ago. It was easy for Dire to jump in and get to know the game, there is still so much I have forgotten or am still learning but it has been fantastic.

This time around I actually purchased a house! Money seems easier to make and I read it is even easier the higher level you are. That and the hobbit presents help (a daily claim), which sometimes you can get a pile of coins which sells for a little bit, which is very nice for starting out! It isn't a lot but at that level it surely feels like it. But yeah, my house... The house is small but there is a chest to store items and you can eventually upgrade, which I plan on doing soon (well, buy a bigger one). I was so excited to ride around the neighborhood and pick one out. I picked a house close to Bree, was a toss up between those and the elven style. I've always wanted one close to Bree though. That was a milestone for me, I have always wanted a house in LoTRO! I can die happily now ;)

Leveling is even smoother than I remember but I also know a few areas I skipped past because they really grated on my nerves in previous plays. For the most part it has been really enjoyable. I love the Bree area, once we got to the Lone Lands I missed the trees and lush areas surrounding Bree. It has been laid back leveling in the next area though, so I can't complain.

We've done a few skirmishes, they are not bad at all with two people in their 20's. We've wanted to do actual instances and tried to duo one, which we got to the last boss and couldn't pull it off. However, it was fantastic XP at least. Maybe once we get some more levels!

The classes have changed a lot since I last played. There are some interesting skill trees and you can initially have two specs and change on the fly. Many of the classes are much stronger than they were previously, but I find it refreshing as I remember dying a LOT last time I played. I even managed to get the Undying title this time! Which is from getting 1-20 without a death. Dire got to a smidgen away from 20, decided to tackle some harder mobs and barely missed it, he wasn't too happy about that.

Currently we're both playing loremasters. I also have a Captain on the side leveling slowly. I enjoy them both. The captain feels more like a classic paladin type class and sometimes it is nice to just be melee, smacking my weapon in faces. I love all the pets with the loremaster though, and then sometimes it is nice to send the pet in and not get your hands dirty. For now the LM is the main, it was a hard choice!

The deed system has been great, I love working on deeds. I am also a huge fan of the wardrobe, which shares cosmetic appearances between characters. Housing is a bit less immerse as far as decorating goes but I am still glad to have it and the open neighborhoods are so quaint and charming! You really can't find many games with open neighborhoods which makes them have a special feeling.

We're slowly climbing our way in levels. Having a great time exploring and doing as many deeds as we can. That's it for today, sharing a slew of screenshots!

A pleasant surprise to see a group of players preforming in the crafting hall as I entered. 

A cozy little house outside town.

Looking for a good place to go fishing.

Surrounded by flowers.

The housing tools for decoration. 

Fishing with my captain.

Dire working on his jewel craft. 

Some players preforming outside The Prancing Pony

Questing in the swamp.

On my way back to town I stumbled across this lovely area. 

Enjoying a rainy ride through the field.

My little bear pet :)

Level 20 LM pet, he's awesome!

Interior of my house. 

Going though a dungeon with Dire.

I don't think he likes my colorful outfit...

Doing our first skirmish. 

Heading to The Shire. 

Home sweet home!


  1. Those are some great screenshots. I haven't played much of LOTRO since it went f2p, but I quite because at the time I did not like the constant collection quests and there was so much running around to get to places that I just got bored.

  2. After all of this talk of LotRO, I dove back in this weekend. I forgot what a great game it is to run around in. Tons of story, tons to do. Enough scenery to just wander around. Heaps of character customization (visuals...I find myself valuing them more than stat customization sometimes).

    I never really got bored with the game when it was new. I gave myself the choice between lifetime LotRO and lifetime Hellgate. Yeah... I chose poorly.




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