Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

Ding 90!

Over the weekend I (finally) hit 90 with my monk in WoW. I've wanted to do this for so long but I was a bit burnt out as it is the fourth character I've played through MoP (still have a DK sitting there at 86 who may never see the cap in this xpac...sigh). I really needed a break from leveling, so going back refreshed was quite nice. The monk was one of the easier classes to level up, they are all easy but this one was really nice as MW. I haven't logged back in since then, just so much going on but I am quite excited to finally have my monk at 90! I had all my Timeless Isle gear waiting and I still need to get the weapon. Plus, I have a lot of mog gear I want to go after. Lots to do on a fresh 90. I don't know if I would have worked on another to 90 at this point had we not been given the Timeless gear, it just would have seemed a huge mountain to climb gearing up another character, so I am quite thankful for that boost. 

When I haven't been writing about Vanguard the past few days or trying to take shots and footage, which has proven to take up more time than I thought... I've been enjoying my time in Middle Earth. I was trying to catch up my minstrel to Dire's guardian, he logged in and passed me one evening. We're sitting around 14 on them, picked up our first mounts and then we decided we should try some alts. He was having a bit of a hard time with the tank like class soloing some harder mobs. He'd watch my healer blow through mobs one-shotting some up to six leveler higher than myself. I think that was a bit disheartening, I told him to try out some classes see if he could find a more damage oriented class he might like better. I made a lore master alt a few days ago and he seemed to really like the idea of trying one too. So we're sitting at ten with our new alts. I don't know which ones will be the mains but the LM's are proving to be quite fun.

I think the idea of a pet class for me was more exciting than another healer. But the minstrel is really fun nonetheless. There are so many fun classes and they have gone through a lot of changes since I last played, many are beefed up quite a bit more than they were. We've also picked up trade skills and have been making each other armor and jewelry which is nice, trading and sharing crafts. I'd like us to keep them current as something else to do as we level and hopefully make profit too. 

Deeds are really cool to have around, something extra to work towards with icing on the top when you get rewarded. We try to do as many of these as we can. Right now we are pushing to 20 so he can try skirmishes out, he's very excited about doing some instance content together. I wasn't sure if he'd stick with the game but so far he really seems to be enjoying himself and it is all very new and exciting for him. He really needed a change from WoW and EQ I think. 

I haven't had a moment to log into Onverse, a friend of mine recently came back to it so I hope to hangout with him there soon. I'm awaiting the Valentine event, can't wait to see what is in store for that as it will be my first year participating. I love, love, love in game holiday events! I'm trying not to juggle too many games right now. WoW is currently in limbo, I'm just wanting to enjoy a game with Dire- LotRO, and Onverse is my go to game for just kicking back and having fun. 

Have a great week, peeps! 

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